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  1. Thanks Adam. I appreciate your point of view on the dinar, as well as the mods and all the people who have been on this ride for any lengthy period of time. And of course, Master yota and all the other News hounds sniffin out the good stuff and Bringing it to Dinarvets table. Just got a bit worried that I'd miss out on cool reads. Thanks Everyone, Chris
  2. I've been here on Dinarvets now for a few years. Though it's been a while since I paid for VIP, I still read news, rumors, and enjoy Adam's weekly updates. I just got an email.... "As of midnight tonight, your subscription to THIS free newsletter is cancelled. This newsletter is NOT account. If you would like to continue hearing from me, you'll need to create a free account " Does this mean I have to create a second Free Account to keep receiving the weekly updates? Thank You for your help and time.... Chris
  3. Sounds like the world is getting tired of Iraq dragging their Feet! Light the fire guys THANKS Thug
  4. Well Son, Put your shoulders back, and your head up cause they think we are! Cause the second we bought those Colorful, Expensive, Perty lil' Tickets, we joined their amusement park. They HATE Americans more than Anything in this world, And want to watch us suffer like a kid with a magnifying glass next to an ant hill.... Along with anyone else with Perty lil' tickets... ya
  5. No it won't. They are playing games with us Investor's. That's their thrill. This is THEIR Rollercoaster ride we are all on. And They get the thrill. Sick Basterds
  6. A last rate jah al snaaahm to a gafhaly Whatever that means haha
  7. Sorry thug, but didn't we already see this one? Or is this new?
  8. What happens 20oct15? Sorry ladies, just afraid I missed something in all the commotion...
  9. Well today would be nice... I'm broke and tired and would like a monster energy drink. And maybe a new pair of pants. COME ON RV!
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