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  1. Junior1

    fed res

    I did not put my dinars in this basket, it was interesting to see to what extent how far people will go to scam others, I only posted info so other people wouldn't be robbed of their blessing.
  2. Junior1

    fed res

    Treat as rumor of course, i am not one to post any thing as my record here indicates, but yesterday i received a call from a friend and he told me he had news about the Dinars we have been holding on to for around 8 years, he told me that he was a part of a group that put all their Dinars into a basket and that they sent them away to the federal reserve where they are being held until the upcoming revaluation, nothing really ground breaking yet until he told me that holding your dinar under your matres wasnt the right way to proceed that the revaluation of the dinar would only be available to those who went through this procedure and that the revaluation wouldnt be open to the public, that all dinars not held in this fashion would be considered a collectors item and their value would be lost. Also that the revaluation would come in at around 2.5- 1 per dolar. Like i said this is all rumor but if someone has more info about these deposits into the federal reserve please share, i wasnt aware that this procedure would be available thanks
  3. This is not rumor ,well its reality and some rumor, today seven car bombs exploded in Iraq killing more than 100 Iraqi , This has been the worst year in recent history for terrorist attacks is concerned , Actually its getting worse , and not better . Up to here its all fact. Now lets add some rumor. This is all happening without all the riches that an RV would bring to the people of Iraq, More money in Iraqi hands does not bring stability to a country in turmoil, all an RV does is put more money into the hands of terrorists, Our wait for an RV is unimportant to the Government of Iraq, The Iraqi Government is more interested in its country stability above all things. Only when this stability is achieved can we expect to see an RV, I speculate that is a bigger concern than getting the world economy back to where it should be. I am not a guru by any means but I believe that peace and stability is a better indicator of an imminent RV than all the nonsense that some sort of guru can bring to this website.
  4. Yeah i live in kissimmee went to boa to check they said come back with real money or get out oh and dont come back tomorow
  5. Im reading but not understanding, maybe if i dont read i will understand. okie dokiee
  6. I agree , if our own members dont bring this supposed info here , we wouldnt have to deal with it, also you are not obligated to read the stuff that is brougt over . Truthfully your post doesnt belong in the rumor section , but actualy theirs does because that is all it is , rumors
  7. yeah i second that emotion jjjajajajjjajjajajjajajajajajaj
  8. Some one call okie , he must know , he is the man with a plan . Okie are we there yet??????
  9. Okie, are we there yet?????? Hopefully maybe absolutly positovely almost kinda almost sure
  10. President Obama, are we there yet???????
  11. Oh spirit of Saddam , just one question, Are we there yet???????????
  12. Alawali, are we there yet???????????????????????????????????????
  13. Maliki, Are we there yet??????????
  14. For your information Kissimmee St Cloud and osceola county is one of the fastest growing countys in the country.
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