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  1. Gunny, whether it s a float or not are you confident we’re going to make a great profit on our dinars? Thanks for your opinion
  2. Um ok, Im running on 4 hours of sleep fumes so forgive me if not understanding this correctly but if 1 million dinars = 800.00 that’s a big LOSS because paid around a 1,000 /million when I bought mine Am I seeing this wrong or are we taking a big loss here?
  3. The question I have is a point someone else brought up in a different thread.....that regardless of what they do there will STILL be sanctions and that will negatively affect our investments if not prevent it Any thoughts?
  4. Hey PP Just curious if your neighbors are invested in their currency?
  5. His plane crashed but they all survived killary missed lol
  6. Hey, I appreciate everyone’s patience with my questions but there is a lot going on and I just moved across the country and I am still getting settled. Bottom line question is are there any articles showing any positive rate changes with the Riel? I know everything was for post to have happen Monday but I haven’t heard any positive news yet on where I ran is with their currency. Thanks for your help and patience!
  7. Forgive me because I have a lot going on and just moved across the country in and I am getting settled again-but did the rate change? I thought it was already that rate for a while now?
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