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  1. Yep, it's end times for sure Was hoping to not go through it
  2. Wow I'm chocking on 'thanking you' for this because I don't want it to be true, but this seals it for me This is end times and no one better take the mark of the beast. Remember 'no one can buy or sell without it' (the one world currency)
  3. None of this is going to matter--or be of value--when this happens The prophesied one world currency--it's here
  4. This is proof of them hiding the truth
  5. I REALLY hate bringing some potential bad news but the information in this video makes a lot of sense when you connect the dots with what's happening right now, and with prophecy. I know many won't believe this and have other opinions and that's ok. I SINCERELY hope I am wrong and if I/this information is wrong THEN you can tease me all you want and I'll HAPPILY receive it. But for now, watch this, connect the dots yourself, and prepare. If this stuff is true then the RV won't matter anymore.
  6. I’m no financial genius but isn’t this going to affect the rate?
  7. With this being reopened could this be a sign that they know something we don’t and the economy could be set to get rolling again here and around the world? Just trying to figure out what gave them the trigger to re-open
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and insights! Always happy to hear more and Gods blessings and prosperity and protection on you and your families
  9. First of all I want to state that I understand not everyone on this forum is a Christian or have any certain religious beliefs. For those of you who I do not believe or follow Jesus, I respectfully ask you to refrain from negative remarks and put downs toward those of us who do believe. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe. that being said, I believe that this virus crisis is simply a distraction and being used by the shadow government, and evil people, for very destructive and end time purposes. this article and posting is long but definitely worth the read. It proposes some very possible realities that are taking place in the world at this moment. I am excited to hear from those of you who believe and follow Jesus what your thoughts are regarding this information. I also want to hear your thoughts and how this may affect the long-awaited RV
  10. If after over 10 year in this investment, when it finally happens, we can't go anywhere to exchange it because of this virus 'crisis'-- I'm gonna be SO pissed!!
  11. Oakie is a KNOWN FRAUD WHY is his trash even being posted??
  12. Are you the original Sandfly? Lol
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