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  1. Perfect 'reset' day April fools 🤦‍♂️
  2. Tired of not seeing any updates on here, sooooo anyone got any info?
  3. For some reason it did not work for me. Oh well!
  4. The guy in the picture is the head of the World Economic Federation
  5. Pokerplayer and dinarrock: why did both of you laugh? What I want to know is how do you know who made what reply? Lol
  6. Straight from a government website
  7. Not to start a dispute but from what my men's group (who've been studying end times for over 30+ years) alomg with the Bereshit prophecy, the tribulation is supposed to start in 2023. If you believe in pre-trib then we're out here before than, but the second coming of Jesus is a different event than the rapture. In the rapture we're simply called up to home. In the second coming He returns with His feet hitting Jerusalem
  8. I’m thinking ‘she’ might be Ivanka—his daughter Blowing liberal minds for decades to come lol
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