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  1. Have to remember that one--too good not to use in so many cases--especially with snowflakes
  2. After 11 years of waiting I hate to admit this could be a very real possibility
  3. Of course they’re gonna jump on the worlds biggest scam wagon and beg for more money Im done with these jerks—RV your currency so I don’t ever have to read or hear about you again!!!
  4. passport issuance Unless I'm missing something this isn't stopping CURRENT passport holders from traveling. This is just a temp delay in issuing NEW passports. I don't see any connection to an RV--may just simply be logistical issues or census issue or a myriad of other reasons, but can't make any connections directly to an RV
  5. I think this was a really old interview A lot has happened since then
  6. Does the site mention something about dinar? Link?
  7. Has anyone else caught on the subtle name of this guru? DAvid M Witty= DM Wit Say it out loud—> Dim Wit The (many) names these guys come out with make me think they turn this dinar venture into a joke and are subliminally making fun of us
  8. I just looked for this on Amazon All I saw was a spiral bound note book (not in stock) and that's all.... Any suggestions? thanks
  9. Easy.... The scammers want the dinars so they can turn around and resell them at a higher scam price
  10. Selling as souvenirs??

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