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  1. Thank you! Rockinrich. I'm packed and leaving at this very moment. On my way to this losers house, and i plan on getting justice for alot of people that he f*cked over. I'll post from the front lines in about 6 hours. If anyone would like me to say something to this pick let me know. I'll be checking my phone for comments.
  2. I think this is his failed attempt at pitching a TV pilot called "2 Girls, and a Drive Thru"
  3. A U.N. panel has approved another $1 billion in compensation payments for victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. The U.N. Compensation Commission says the money will go to four companies and four government or international bodies. It did not disclose the identities of the claimants Thursday but said all are in Kuwait. The panel made up of the 15 U.N. Security Council member countries has so far paid out almost $34.3 billion. A further $18 billion is earmarked to go to unidentified claimants in Kuwait. Until the U.S.-led 2003 invasion that toppled Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the comm
  4. I'll break it down to match you're avatar. say jessica rabbit is Iraq, and other men will be all of the countries in the WTO. Her breasts will be the trade goods as is stands jessica can play with her own breasts, and have a guy play with them from time to time, but what she really wants/needs is for all of the men to play with them all of the time! GO RV!!!!!!
  5. Hey everyone. Posting this in the rumors since i'm not sure how to prove this yet. I got a call from my Banker friend (I know another bank story). He works for a bank in houston, and said the Global Payoff happened around 10:45 am central time. He called me around 11:30 am to tell me this. I'm trying to find some sort of proof on the web that this has happened. I just wanting to get it on here asap. We can only hope this is correct. Go RV !!!!! I'll post more when i get more info. that i can link
  6. Well its time for me to reveal who is Okie Oil Man. This is not a dis, or a slam on Okie Oil Man. He is Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma. In Bush's talk with Fox, Inhofe was the back ground, and when Okie talked about a plane he was in having trouble and ran off the runway. Jim Inholf had the same issues on the same day. There is plenty more of this. I'll will get pics, and more info as the day passes. Go RV !!!!!!!!!
  7. I lol'd when i read this. You are funny, and need to step back from the computer a bit. go outside, read a book, ride a bike. do something. as for the mason's being devil worshipers that couldn't be more from the truth. I work with a guy thats a 32nd degree mason. One of the 1st things they ask when you are applying to join them is you believe in god. I can't tell you what goes on at a meeting, but when he gets to work i'll find out, and post it for you Grandmamine. so you can get your facts correct.
  8. Just wanted to say thx to everyone that checked this out, and look forward to bringing some good news!
  9. I would like to start off saying i'm sorry for being a jerk on this site. I was trying to call out Okie Oil Man. LoL. But all i did was make people mad, and for that i'm sorry. I do have some personal friends that work for a local senator, and family members in the middle east with the military. I will post all the facts i can get from them. I also work with at least 50 people that have millions of dinar each, and i hear outrageous stories from them claiming its done, banker said this, and you name it i more than likely heard it. lol. With that being said once again i'm sorry. Let th
  10. Today is your lucky day! I came out of retirement just to post this info for you. The Erbil agreement has bee voted on. We are waiting for the annoucement that they will implement it, today, and no later than tomorrow. If they do that we are on, and should have an RV. The rate from what i hear will come in around $3.41 to make the budget work, but alot of other sorces say its going to be closer to $.86. I'll get a little more info as the day goes for you
  11. You have no idea what your talking about. Besides i'm in the Opinions Board. this is my opinion. just like you have yours. i'm not trying to get anyone going. they only person i want to get going is Okie Oil Man. As i have said countless times MODS... really? Help me out, this Vegas idiot is loose.
  12. <3 you also. At least i'll have real money. Instead of this fake crap BTW. for all of you guys saying "this thread is a waste of time" your still here checking it out. LOL. I win! 50M of Dinars buddy
  13. As for your "check back when Ramadan is over" comment. I will because its not going to happen. So we can "battle" as you put it then, or even after the next Holiday that they have. Because you know thats next after Ramadan Fails.
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