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  1. GUYS! Luigi is totally playing all of you! He doesnt believe any of this for a second... I read this thread and laughed my butt off reading his insane replies. He is having fun at all of your's expense! (Right, Luigi? I'm correct... yes?) Luigi? Luigi?
  2. A different article stated that he and Maliki had met on Monday... (as in yesterday?) IDK... confusing to say the least...
  3. Very encouraging! Jan 3, 2013 1/3/13 We shall see! Remaining hopeful!
  4. I havent posted in a long time, although I read DV everyday. Since we're talking about dreams; I'll get up the courage to share. My daughter had a dream LAST OCTOBER (2011). She is only 14 yrs old and knows very little about the dinar. She knows we own some and hope to someday make money off of it, but no more detail than that. She woke up one morning in October, and told me this dream. That she was in the woods; lost, and she was praying that God would help her to find her way out. Then she looked up and saw a neon sign saying "RV". She walked out of the woods toward it, and it was an actual RV dealership with motor homes all around. SHe walked into the building (office) of the place, and she said there were TVs mounted all over the walls, and calendars everywhere, and on everything, it said JANUARY 3rd. She woke up knowing the "RV" was happening on JAN 3rd. I dont think God could have made that any clearer!! LOL Needless to say, we were up almost all night on Jan 2nd, really believing this was happening, because her dream was so real and vivd; it seemed too strange to just be a coincidence. NOW that a whole year later has gone by... I am wondering if it will be JAN 3rd 2013 Which brings me to one more weird thing. The same night my daughter had that dream, my older daughter was in Walmart. (OK.. -please dont bash; Im just sharing this with anyone who may find this hopeful). She was standing behind someone in line. She was watching the person in front of her check -out. The casheir told the customer that the total was "$13.13" My daughter said for some strange reason; that number gave her chills and she stood there wondering why that rang in her ears and she couldnt let it go. She asked God if that number was supposed to mean something; she truly felt that God was trying to tell her something. When we talked about all of this later... and my younger daughter shared her dream; my older daughter said, "Thats IT! 1313! January 3rd, is 1-3-13... 1313! NOW.. I dont want the firing squad showing up on my doorstep on Jan 4th when this doesnt happen. Im not responsible for what happens! LOL.. but I thought I would just share what happened at our house and what we're all secretly wondering. (and now, its not a secret anymore, cause I just told all of you!) haha
  5. BUT.. It's a very "fluid" situation and things change "like the wind" OOOKKKKK.... Thats code for: "It didnt really happen; I just totally made that up!"
  6. Okie just said that it will absolutely positively happen by sunday nt!! (from Dinar R#C*PS) He hopes his post goes "viral" so that everyone in dinarland knows!~ WHAT A RELIEF! THANKS OKIE!
  7. The gurus make/spin every bit of news to revolve around an RV.... Not everything thats going on in the "world" has to do with Iraq and an impending (hopeful) revaluation of their currency. That might be true, but all the arrests are documented if you look at the material... or cant your Ego handle it. Ouch.. that seemed kinda harsh... Yes, we can see that the arrests ARE documented. So what? Does that mean that there is an impending world wide currency reset of hundreds of currencies as "Bulldog" suggests??? Is this a definitive connection? I think that is all he was saying. No need to get grumpy...
  8. QUOTE: "Now we wait for the contradicting article" HAHAHA!! TOO TRUE!
  9. Luigi Not trying to be rude at all... but I think you should seriously stop buying into everything the gurus say. They are 99% full of crap and have no idea what they are talking about.
  10. Some people say Chapter 7 isnt as important as the HCL/Erbil So.. I think we need that wrapped up to. Strange, that we havent heard anything about that in a couple weeks now...
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