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  1. Directly from Wells Fargo Site - Search Wells Fargo Foreign Currency. Sorry.. Foreign Exchange ***Wells Fargo does not sell Iraqi dinar in any location - online, by phone, or in our stores.***
  2. The wide screen TV's are up in alot of WF Branches and have been for years. It gives people something to do while the tellers and branch mangers open those additional ghost accounts. 😀
  3. Stay the course..the misinformation will run more rampant then it already does.
  4. If it was on the internet it's true.....per my 8 year old grandson.
  5. Its has always been there. Just a custom selection entered by the user.
  6. It is noteworthy that the International Monetary Fund confirmed, in 2012, that Iraq had boosted its gold reserves to reach more than 31 tons, noting that Iraq bought 23.9 tons of gold in the month of August of the same year... Plus the 48 tonnes recently purchased, is close enough for me to add up. I'm hopeful.
  7. Yota what's your take on the " increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar" portion of this article.
  9. Im on a android phone so im limited with what i can do, but if you copy the text into bing translator you can get the other 36 pages. Heres page 1 from Thugs link. It would take me all night to translate a page at a time on this phone. Sorry 1 In the name of the people The Presidency of the Republic Based on what was passed by Parliament under Governors section) first (article 16, item (iii) of Article 37 of the Constitution. The President of the Republic decided to date//5162 Issued a law that: Law No.) (No. 5162 Public budget law aalthadet of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 5162 ) ((Liberated) chapter Aaleradat Article 1 First: general budget revenue is estimated at aalthadet for the financial year/5102 94146484049 ($) Thousand dinars) ninety-four thousand and eighty-four billion (as shown in) table/a aaleradat in accordance with Counter (attached to this law. Speak
  10. Thanks for reel in Adam. Got lost in the sense and sensibility section for a minute there.
  11. Mentioning the dinar or inquiring about opening up a account specifically for dinar at any Big 3 bank branch will get you a unusual/suspicious activity report with your very own name on it filed. Yeah they are aware of it. You can take that one directly to the bank too. Why would anyone ask a bank branch employee anything about a foreign currency investment? Just saying.
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