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  1. Directly from Wells Fargo Site - Search Wells Fargo Foreign Currency. Sorry.. Foreign Exchange ***Wells Fargo does not sell Iraqi dinar in any location - online, by phone, or in our stores.***
  2. The wide screen TV's are up in alot of WF Branches and have been for years. It gives people something to do while the tellers and branch mangers open those additional ghost accounts. 😀
  3. Stay the course..the misinformation will run more rampant then it already does.
  4. If it was on the internet it's true.....per my 8 year old grandson.
  5. Its has always been there. Just a custom selection entered by the user.
  6. It is noteworthy that the International Monetary Fund confirmed, in 2012, that Iraq had boosted its gold reserves to reach more than 31 tons, noting that Iraq bought 23.9 tons of gold in the month of August of the same year... Plus the 48 tonnes recently purchased, is close enough for me to add up. I'm hopeful.
  7. Yota what's your take on the " increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar" portion of this article.
  9. Im on a android phone so im limited with what i can do, but if you copy the text into bing translator you can get the other 36 pages. Heres page 1 from Thugs link. It would take me all night to translate a page at a time on this phone. Sorry 1 In the name of the people The Presidency of the Republic Based on what was passed by Parliament under Governors section) first (article 16, item (iii) of Article 37 of the Constitution. The President of the Republic decided to date//5162 Issued a law that: Law No.) (No. 5162 Public budget law aalthadet of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 5162 ) ((Liberated) chapter Aaleradat Article 1 First: general budget revenue is estimated at aalthadet for the financial year/5102 94146484049 ($) Thousand dinars) ninety-four thousand and eighty-four billion (as shown in) table/a aaleradat in accordance with Counter (attached to this law. Speak
  10. Thanks for reel in Adam. Got lost in the sense and sensibility section for a minute there.
  11. Mentioning the dinar or inquiring about opening up a account specifically for dinar at any Big 3 bank branch will get you a unusual/suspicious activity report with your very own name on it filed. Yeah they are aware of it. You can take that one directly to the bank too. Why would anyone ask a bank branch employee anything about a foreign currency investment? Just saying.
  12. Hmm WF on lockdown....someone forgot to tell its team members...just saying.
  13. Here's my question. I hold various denoms 50.00,250.00,500.00 1000.00,5000.00,10,000.00 and 25000.00 notes. What is so new about these? They appear to look just like the ones pictured, and were sold with the "five security features", uncirculated at that. Forgive my ignorance, I truly don't know what the difference is between those pictured, and the ones I hold.
  14. Rayzur we discussed this....Step away from the color pallette.
  15. philosophyofmetrics Search SKIP TO CONTENT ABOUTTHE GRAND MAN (NON-FICTION) PART 1 – EMERGING CONSCIOUSNESS – IN PROGRESS SDR’S AND THE NEW BRETTON WOODS – PART TWO JANUARY 23, 2014 JC COLLINS 3 COMMENTS The Renminbi SDR Composition and the Great Consolidation By JC Collins I found part II of the essay very informative but as the writer states this is a essay not a book. :-) excerpts below from part II, link provided at the beginning of this thread. "When we are attempting to understand the economic system that is being built up underneath the structure of the old one, we only need but look at what exists today to discern what is coming our way shortly. Before the Federal Reserve there was still a system of debt creation. What the Fed system did was consolidate the debt in the country into a new system by which bonds were created and issued to banks, insurance companies, etc… After the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, the Fed went international. It’s this process of becoming international (becoming the primary reserve currency for international trade) that is now transitioning into the larger pattern through the I.M.F. and the SDR’s. Not only the Federal Reserve, but all central banks of the world have created too much debt. And like before, the I.M.F. will now consolidate this sovereign debt into a supra-sovereign reserve currency by way of SDR securities, or otherwise SDR bonds. Let us investigate this further. The present value, or composition (get use to this term) of the SDR is determined by only 4 currencies. They are the U.S. dollar, the Euro (think basket of currencies micro pattern), Japanese Yen, and the British Pound (the old girl just won’t quit). With the implementation of the 2010 I.M.F. Code of Reforms discussed in part one of this series, this composition is about to change. The currencies of the BRICS countries will soon be added to this composition, along with other major economies. Perhaps Vietnam will be added to the composition. The weights used to determine the value of each composition will also change. These changes will consist of the economic fundamentals, such as GDP, as well as other metrics, like human development, ecological sustainability, concentration and diffusion of assets and income, as well as the demographics of populations. Research each of these and apply what you learn to the overall social and humanity programs being injected into school curriculums. Remember the micro and macro patterns which endlessly weave through everything. Also with the 2010 Code of Reforms, there will be no more western veto power within the Executive Board of the I.M.F. The geopolitical world will be balanced in preparation for the “great consolidation”. SDR allocation (get use to this word also) will be controlled by those with the largest interest in the system. This large interest is no longer the micro Fed. Part Two of this essay series is starting to get long so let’s begin to wrap it up. We know that through debt creation we are subjected to inflation. The more currency we print the less valuable that currency becomes. Like the father at the beginning having to pay more for goods and services. Like each micro to macro pattern before it, debt eventually needs to be consolidated and repackaged as new securities instruments - bonds. Sovereign debt will be consolidated and repackaged as SDR bonds. These offer new potential for energy storage. And remember energy (your time and labor) is real money. But before these bonds can be issued, accounts require balancing. This is what we are seeing in the world right now. The gold is going east to China. New oil and gas deals are being brokered. Wealth is on the move, shifting and splashing around upon the sea of international understandings. Inflation is being sent back from whence it came. Currencies and commodities which have been artificially suppressed to support the now old micro will be expanding to reflect the new macro realities. Debt balances will settle into new account holders before the system is locked down. Those with greater capacity for composition will swallow the old sovereign debts. The U.S. owes a great debt to China and because of this China is allowed to import all the gold. This gold will ensure the transfer of Fed liabilities to the Renminbi composition. The Renminbi will be international, the Yuan in house. Just like the dollar will be split into an international exchange and an in country exchange. The Treasury being severed from the Federal Reserve. The micro being severed from the macro. All old sovereign debts, including historical bonds, like the Chinese 1913 Gold bonds, will be balanced before consolidation. All the countries of the world have been explored and their resources catalogued. Processes have been designed to produce those resources and bring them to market. Central banks are increasing their holdings of Canadian and Australian dollars. These are two resource rich countries. Foreign reserves can also add to the composition of any one currency. In Part 3 we will venture into the pipeline mechanics of SDR compositions, including historical bonds, resources and commodities, and the inevitability of the great consolidation. We will see how the U.S. market is beginning to open itself to the idea of SDR denominated bonds. It simply has no other choice. And we will learn how the SDR bonds will be issued by the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and what will become the monster allocator of the Renminbi SDR composition – the BRICS Development Bank." – JC Collins 3 THOUGHTS ON “SDR’S AND THE NEW BRETTON WOODS – PART TWO” Ghaleon JANUARY 24, 2014 AT 5:52 AM So basically you are saying that these SDRs are not going to be backed by assets like gold, oil, or wheat, and that the current system of making money out of nothing will just be worldwide? REPLY AB JANUARY 24, 2014 AT 6:55 PM Must be difficult trying to put the pieces together JC Kudos to you for trying. One person who was precedent is Jim Sinclair Check out this quote from years ago: ————– “The new reserve currency will be a virtual currency (an average of the major currencies). It will be (remotely) tied to gold via a worldwide M3 type liquidity. It won’t be convertible (will be used between central banks, not you and I). Today’s existing currencies will continue to be used but valued one to the other. A measure will be created similar to the old M3 (which reveals government pumping) but to reflect their entire past money creation. Upon initiation, the M3 level and the level of gold will be considered as 100 on the virtual index. Contributions of gold to BIS or IMF (agent of the virtual reserve currency) to participating currencies in the index will have to rise to meet rising liquidity. All situations, like now, will resolve themselves via a commodity currency. ” ————— and consider this one: “I see the new system utilizing a Western World M3, which all member governments will agree to as 100 on the Index of Standard Currency Equilibrium. As this measure rises and falls, governments will agree that the value of their Treasury gold will move in the same direction and percentage according to their GDP ranking. What will of course happen is the Squids of the Western world, the investment banks, will invent derivatives to speculate on member’s gold value requirements, which will change the price of gold in the marketplace and therefore remove the necessity of doing anything from the central banks. Once again the airwaves of the financial world will hang on the weekly announcement of the M figures, but this time it will be for a Global Western M3 tallied by the historical lender of last resort, The US Federal Reserve Bank. All the present fiat currencies, the casino chips with national flags on them called things like the dollar and euro, will still be around and serving a purpose valued against the virtual Standard Reserve Currency. ———— . Sinclairs site has many such instances, some stemming back 3 or 4 years ago. It appears the BIS & IMF will be the control framework. China would probably be the largest player in the SDR basket. The basket could potentially encompass every country in the world. The U.S. would find itself bounded by international agreement & procession of physical Gold in its ability to finance its empire & welfare state. Its days of inflating the dollar to pay for guns & butter would be over. Regarding the SDR basket incorporating items such as natural resources (e.g. oil, food, minerals), if it’s not in production and being exported then to my mind it is vaporware. Take Iraq for example; plenty of oil in the ground but with civil disturbances making any extraction investment a dubious prospective. How would the IMF put a rating on something such as that? Also, there’s the question of the outstanding derivatives. What would become of them? Since most are tied to the existing status quo, any reset would result in conditions completely beyond what these derivatives were ever designed to handle. REPLY lochnessmonster JANUARY 25, 2014 AT 9:58 AM Liked your essay and the subject matter is always of interest. I wish I could find people on the street discussing subjects like this. Mostly people have never even begun to study money. Our schools are not about to help out either, ha! REPLY LEAVE A REPLY Search for: RECENT POSTS SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part Two Daily Metrics for Jan 22, 2014. Daily Metrics for Jan 21, 2014. SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part One China to Purchase the Federal Reserve RECENT COMMENTS ARCHIVES January 2014 CATEGORIES Search for: RECENT POSTS SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part Two Daily Metrics for Jan 22, 2014. Daily Metrics for Jan 21, 2014. SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part II Member of The Internet Defense League Powered by
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