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  1. Now learning my 3 Rs: Rial Ready to Roll !!!
  2. It's either smoke before the rv fire (good for us) or the two bit opinion of rank and file economists. We're golden imho.
  3. If the news media is telling its audience that the sky is falling in Iraq, you can be sure the truth is the opposite: the sky not falling, the sky's the limit, and we are getting very close to this speculative adventure being wrapped up.
  4. Read through the comments on youtube. They know much better what's going on than this negative nellie no nothing "Mother always knows best."
  5. Thanks SFUSCZ and Yota. This bank is the third largest in Iraq with 40 branches and one in Lebanon. Can anyone clarify these "Letters of Credit" they refer to?
  6. Not sure this has been posted. Might be nothing but.... Read the rolling scroll: "Declaration..."
  7. I normally just lurk but I was also surprised no one was jumping on this. If legit this I agree is just what we want to see, hello RV
  8. I rarely post but do keep up with the dinarian drama. Thanks to all the intel providers and students of Iraq and the dinar who try to work out what this crazy speculation could come to. I found this on a website from a woman who 'sees' things, ie is psychic. I believe she's American but her website is hosted in Australia? Anyway, there's some pretty interesting insights given below and definitely things to ponder. She sees July as a big month for the start of an economic collapse and possibly a severe dollar downturn. Take any or all of it for what it's worth but please see what she had to say about the Dinar!! Website is: Friday, January 3, 2014 2014 - Financial Reading 9:55 PM Q. Can you see what is up with the dollar in 2014. The Fed is claiming they will taper their mad printing of quantitative easing in January but most experts think they won't and its too late anyways. China is no longer buying our dollars and many corporations no longer trust them either. So it looks like the dollar could crash very soon and the world turn away from trusting us financially. Will this happen or will they find another crafty, illegal way to stay in power in a bit longer, maybe by austerity measures or stealing money out of bank accounts ala Cypress....??? A. The first thing I see is that inflation is going to be huge in the beginning of 2014, then I saw an image of $7.14, as I focus a little deeper it turns into 7-14 as in July 14th. I can also see a group of men meeting, they are all wearing white dress shirts and ties, and they are discussing the financial situation. And I keep hearing them say a phrase and the words are "The rule of seven", and I keep seeing the number seven over and over again, as if it is going to play a big significance in what happens. Like the 7th month is important, and there is some calculation involving this rule of 7 as if the dollar will max out when it reaches this calculation, as if there is no sustainability or no way it can be diluted anymore. With regards to China...I always see golden dump trucks filled with Gold, and now my mind flashes back to the group of gentlemen wearing white shirts, and they are concerned because China is wanting to alter their interest rate to a higher rate to compensate for inflation, and they can either do that, pay the higher rate, or pay in gold. And I do not see China interested in Silver, they want Gold. And this group of guys are....they are sweating...trying to figure this out. And it looks like at that point we show incredible weakness to China, and it looks as though China is not even financially dependent on that money, but they are laughing at America for getting into such a financial mess. I mean I see these Chinese men and they are actually laughing. I do not see the dollar collapsing by the end of 2014, but I see a lot of concern as if it's days are numbered. It looks like it is just barely hanging on, there is a lot of talk on how to preserve it....Because what people are worried about is it is not necessarily about losing the dollar, it is the power associated with the dollar. It is as if people in the know realize that once the dollar collapses a new world currency will take over and then a lot of control is lost because it is much more difficult to manipulate a currency that is out of your hands. Then I get the word "Enron" like they will hold on to the dollar until there is just absolutely no way they can preserve or sustain it. I see two different things happening with regard to a Cyprus situation here in the States, the first thing, when we collapse, or the dollar collapses I should say, and we need funds to help bail us out, I do see a lockdown on some of the rather large financial accounts. When it gets close, it is almost like the wealthiest know it that it is happening, and there is a frenzy to get their money to offshore accounts to protect them.. and that is the loophole that the rich use to protect their wealth. Only the accounts housed in the US are able to be frozen. The second things that I see happening is when a new world currency goes into effect, people will exchange their dollars for this new currency and they are going to realize that they have much less money than they thought. Q. What is the reason there is a financial crisis in the world? Why does the US have so much debt? What do you see as the outcome to all of this? A. I see a pie tin, and it is filled full of gold...I don't know where my mind went with that...ok it is coming to me like this: There is limited resources, so in the beginning when people worked and the population was much less you could be paid in physical gold and silver and exchange gold and silver for goods and services....but with the growth in population there just was not enough gold and silver to physically be distributed and exchanged, so some sort of a credit system was developed. Then from there the credit system allowed a disconnect between tangible gold and silver and the actual money owed. Once the one to one ratio or fixed ratio is lost a debt starts to form, or rather inflation is started. The US has debt partly because of the continued printing of our money, which dilutes the dollar, and partly because we do not have the revenue to pay much more than just the interest so we just continue to owe money. The outcome is going to be having a dollar that is heavily diluted, we are going to be inferior to financially stable countries, people will be nervous to do business in exchange for our dollar and the reputation of the United States is going to suffer. Q. When do you see a disconnect between the price of physical gold and silver and the manipulated wall street price of paper precious metals? A. I keep seeing um that July 14th date again, it looks like July is very significant, I get that some of the wealthiest people are manipulating the price of gold and silver, mostly silver to keep the price low so that they can buy a lot of it, because whenever the financial issues hit in July, they will be able to balance themselves out with silver because it will become closer to it's true price. I am also getting too that they are using the paper silver to keep the price of both paper and physical silver down, but when they buy the silver they are buying the physical silver. It looks as if the paper silver is just some kind of magic trick, like it is being waved in the wind, like it's just paper with silver on it.... Q. Can you take a look at what other monetary systems are doing such as the Iraqi Dinar and Bitcoin? A. The Iraqi Dinar...looks really rock solid, I see people using it, I see people throwing one on the table as a tip in a coffee shop. I am also getting that even when the world currency comes about, that it will still hold true to it's value and be used as cash, and there will be two forms of valid currency, one being the Dinar and one being the world currency. Even though in my mind I see this gold coin, I am seeing some Iraqi guy, and he is saying that "his money is backed by oil" and there is just a look of strength in their money. Ok when I think of Bitcoin, I see a bunch of 1 ones and 0 like the beginning of the Matrix when the movie starts, as if that is all Bitcoin is, there is no substance behind it, it is all electronic exchanges. I do not see any collapse of it in 2014 but I do see a lot of instability of it, like one day it could be high and the next day it could be low. Then I see a roulette wheel on a Las Vegas table, and it looks to like Bitcoin is just a big gamble, and then the dealer says, eventually everybody loses and swipes the coin or the chips off the table, (laugh) he is wearing a red and white striped vest, and his face is painted blue with white stars...strange. Q. Why is China not interested in silver? A. The first thing that I get is that I am told that it is inferior to Gold...and then I see Walter White say "Because it is subpar' Q. How does the stock Market fare in July when the dollar declines July, should an investor buy Stocks or Silver in the early part of 2014. A. I see the stock Market taking a pretty good hit in July and a lot of people get scared and start pulling their money, and it is like the wealthy people know before the rest of the people of this potential sweep on the large investment accounts and start moving their money out of the country, Easter, some time around Easter in 2014 (April 20th) they start reallocating their assets out of the US, because they know this hit is going to be in July. People should start buying real silver, not paper silver and the big jump is going to be on silver not gold. Q. What do they consider a large investment account? A. Ok it is coming through that this is a three step process. The first accounts will be the huge corporations like Walmart and those type of companies, Apple. Then the next set of accounts will be individual people's accounts, like Bill Gates, the people who have like billions of dollars personally. Ok I am trying to get the third one, I just keep seeing blue and white pinwheels. I want to say millionaires but it is people that are actively employed. It is like if you are retired and you have 3 million in the bank they are not as fixated on you, but for a CEO who is employed and has millions in the bank that is who this third tier affects. Q. How do they justify this theft of money? A. Hmm.....They a...tell the people that were affected that over the course of the next so many years, and it looks like 10, they will get deduction or some special treatment on their income tax, so they do not refer to it as stealing, it is more like a loan, and they are told that they will be able to recoup that money. Q. So it only affects the 1%? How does the 99% feel about this, and are they affected in any way. A. The 99% are scared because they do not know if they will be up next, but I also see crowds of people like happy , like holding signs of support is almost like they feel it was some kind of justice, because they feel the top 1% put them in this situation and it is only right that they pay the price for it. The 99% are more so affected by the stock market issues and the instability of our dollar, than the sweeping of rich peoples accounts.
  9. Yes thanks for posting your experience Hoosier. I read many posts on dvets but do not post much myself. I will say your bank stories strike me as both sincere and exciting, and backed by good integrity. I'll take that to the bank. Thanks again.
  10. Forced to sell. I have 2 million uncirculated, with certificates of authenticity, bought from silver greetings and dinar trade. $1675. anyone interested please send a msg. thanks for looking.
  11. I've been following the dinar from a distance lately but have been pretty hopeful something will happen "soon." Well, after last night, I feel we could be seeing "soon"... soon. My wife and I both had dreams about $$$ last night. I dreamt I was watching a really wealthy guy who had a list of properties he owned (about 8 of them!), all over the world. He was really attached to his $$ and privilege and I was feeling in the dream that he should change his approach to the wealth. He's too attached to it, should share more I thought. Meanwhile, my wife was dreaming about a new house we had bought (we are not in any position to do that currently), and showing our 5 year old her new room. She said in the dream she was feeling that money was no object for how they wanted to decorate the room, thanks to -- yep, the RV. Anyway this is very unusual for us to have two dreams in the same night, which are both about $$$, Who knows how it's all going to turn out but I just wanted to share this hopium with all the Vets - anyone else having similar "hmmm" experiences while asleep -- or awake?
  12. Excellent Phoenix27. Very telling. Thank you for your mature approach to making the call to find this information out and then sharing. We are in the homestretch it appears
  13. Wow great responses. I guess I believe we are always guided by forces (Christ for example) further along the path than us. I also believe we have a higher self or soul who is our constant companion. I think we are meant to live a life through this soul body with less emphasis on the material or physical reality. I'm not saying the material is irrelevant. The soul is just more important to what we are as children of God and what we have the potential to do. I'm preparing to share and give to whoever I find an intention arising in my heart to help. We can also enjoy this new wealth for ourselves. Helping out a charity and buying a new car should not be mutually exclusive lol. I recalled today that my first post was about three dreams I'd had when first invested, all which made me feel I had made a good decision. I've just had another 3 last week, so I hope that means the circle is now complete.
  14. Thanks to all contributors. I have found that remembering dreams is half the trick and interpreting them properly is the other. If people actually paid attention to their dreams and took the time to think about the deeper meanings in their symbols, they could avoid a lot of heartache. Keeping a journal by your bed and writing down what you remember as soon as you wake up, will get you in the habit of remembering regularly and with greater detail. There are also excellent websites providing dream symbol analysis. Dreams are often given to us as we sleep to help avoid making mistakes in our waking life or prepare us for what is coming down our path. My wife and I discuss our dreams every morning and have really benefited from this. I highly recommend it.
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