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  1. I suppose anything Barzani agrees to is a good thing, but is this or is this not related to the HCL?
  2. Hate to be so unsympathetic, but this is an example of someone that was too stupid to follow the directions (she was 21 years old, not some little kid that accidently ingested the pills) and was too lazy to lose weight the right way. And now she's dead.
  3. So at best we're looking at six months for the boys to come to terms on the HCL? Is that how you read it Yota?
  4. It would seem that if Baghdad or anyone else (including all of us) wants the Kurds to sign off on the HCL, it will cost (at least) $12 billion. Damn.
  5. I basically just posted the same thing on another topic, but anyone that thinks the HCL is just around the corner needs to do a status check with the Kurds. There is definitely something or some things that they are not in agreement with with the current form of the HCL, and that hasn't changed since Abadi came onboard.
  6. Until I read that Barzani and the Kurd boys are in agreement with all the provisions of the HCL, I won't believe anyone is any closer to the actualization of the HCL.
  7. I don't think the HCL is as close as Adam may have thought. Of course I hope I'm wrong and he's right.
  8. I think this puts pressure on the Japanese to do something after what happened to a couple of their journalists recently. And I certainly would have no problems with them going in there and taking out a couple hundred more of these scumbags.
  9. ewingm......and what principle explains your behavior???????????
  10. There is no better tasting fish than the fish you catch yourself!
  11. Question.....would there or would there not necessarily be indicators in the budget that reflect the implementation of the HCA and/or HCL?
  12. It's incredible, and at the same time disturbing, how things have developed and moved forward since Abadi took office. The disturbing part is thinking about how horrible the Maliki regime was, and how much he ultimately cost the Iraqi people.
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