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  1. Wow! Expecting Adams post in chats to be a good one today. I think somebody found the directions to the big red button.
  2. So if I print my own money have two bank accounts for bills and one has more than enough and the other can have a deficit till I decide to transfer from one to the other then what's to stop me from saying instead of making that transfer I'll just make my monopoly money worth more than my bills? But before I do I'll let everyone run around and panic and maybe then they will vote on the HCL or they can stay broke thinking of a way to borrow money from Trump LOL right!
  3. Democrats hold up more progress. Imagine that... Time to slaughter the pigs. They are too happy with the way things are
  4. Replace damaged with new categories... This says to me lower denominations with existing denominations still in circulation. Just like the U.S. does...
  5. Lol thug you always clown'n. Does seem strange the rate has jumped so high I hope it's because they are international and have to finally grow up and play the game and not just see who else can give them money
  6. Can't post it but XE is showing 1200 rate like it is following the actual street rates now
  7. I remember an article that talked about deleting 1 zero if this is a possibility then maybe that's why they are making the smaller denominations for deleting 2 zeros 250 500 and the 100 would be a coin that replaces the 10000. Just a thought...
  8. I like that they are getting more specific in what they will accept on a credit or exchange. Tells me there will be more at stake with every case and why would they expect this exchange to happen unless it is required on a timeline or has a monetary value that you must have all these lower denominations to do business as usual... Bring it on!
  9. Does this mean the contractors won't be paid in dinar because they can only take a limited amount out of Iraq or does this mean they can't have the dinar because it's too precious
  10. Since no one won then they should be even. I personally wouldn't give 2 camels to own their sandbox
  11. Less than a nickel exchange fee for a hundred dollar bill. Can't buy much with a nickel any more...
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