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  1. I trust my brother. I don't trust his sources. whatever dude/chick.
  2. for those that understood the the point of this thread and were helpful...heck, even if you weren't helpful but were A NEGATIVE JERK, i thank you. this will be my last reply to this post. you all have a great night and, God willing, we will all be paid in full soon. tah tah.
  3. tfk, you are right. a few hours after i posted this, i found out he read that mess on dinar guru, which, as i stated earlier, i don't pay attention to. i'll punch him in his throat later for that. i don't know where the expression stateside came from. ive been using it since i was in the army. plummet, people like you should be forever banned. we don't need negativity around here. no one was stirring anything up. i simply asked a community of people a question to verify a rumor that i heard. many of the people on this forum do A LOT more research than I do, therefore i asked more experienced
  4. I trust my brother. I don't trust his sources. He is state side. I have friends in iraq right now and I'm waiting on an answer from them as well. They might not know either. They're packing up and breaking down equipment in preparation to come home.
  5. My brother called me earlier super excited telling mr Shabibi addressed his people regarding the RV. I did my own research and saw nothing of sorts besides dinar guru. I have never trusted dinar guru. Is there any truth about shabibi addressing his people? Thanx in advance.
  6. sooooo, they want us to believe that we should invest in oil instead of dinar. they all can bite me. im keeping my dinar and im gonna wait it out.
  7. just to add to what you said, nothing has been posted on the cbi website since the 3rd.
  8. No mid-month revivion for Octover 2011. I still feel like its close.
  9. your bank is better than mine. my bank claims to know nothing of the RV
  10. i agree w/ you. thank you! how can the president get sh*t done when EVERYONE in DC is going against him.
  11. This article says NOTHING about the Dinar but IMO has something to do w/ it. ..BEIJING (AP) — China stepped up its criticism Tuesday of a proposed U.S. law to punish countries with artificially low currencies, saying there would be serious repercussions for the world's two biggest economies if it is passed. The criticism comes after U.S. senators voted Monday to open a week of debate on the bill that would allow the government to impose additional duties on products from countries that subsidize exports by undervaluing their currencies. How worried China is about the proposed law can be see
  12. this would have been a bit more believable had it not started with OOM
  13. Im going to need you to give God the proper respect and capitalize His name and any other pronoun used when refering to Him.
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