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  1. I dont think anybody especially whitney or her family want your pity, so who cares whether you have it or not. But I would say this I pity people like you, who would take the occassion of the death of someone to give the comments you did. just my opinion. shows a real lack of everything decent , that a person can have. But with a user name like yours, you truely are a machine for truth, something that does not have a heart.
  2. That sure was a mouth ful , but you said all of that when you could have just said i dont like the president because he does not look like me.
  3. phoenix says that the rumour of 30 days for us to cash in fits with the info he is getting from his sources, but stresses this is still just a rumour.
  4. PTR also saying they have one confirmation from inside iraq that is has and they are also waiting on another confirmation.
  5. IF a guru picks the time and says it will happen at such and such time, THEN YOU CAN DEFINITELY RULE THAT TIME OUT. So this week is definitely a NO NO
  6. Been watching cnn off and on all day and i have seen no such announcement.
  7. You might as well be nice to the your president because those that rule the world may just have decided to leave him in for another four years, or are you one of those who really beleive that presidents are elected, and if you are wake up, because they are not voted on and elected by the masses, they are chosen and selected, by a few.
  8. Yes I could understand why you would find that statement a little worrying, but I am involved in something else that can be a tremendous blessing as well, but i am also in the dinar, one or if not both , can only come in october, so lets hope both will come in october , so that we all can rejoice at the same time as we are all blessed. Time will tell , lets just pray we dont have to wait another year.
  9. Dont know anything about that, so I will leave that one alone.
  10. And why does the above called money bags, , whats the connection??????
  11. Trust me friend I am telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would never give a false story or testimony. The only way this rv can happen in another month for me, other then october, is unless God is going to bless me with another source in october, and then that would leave the rv to come any anytime, but IF the RV is the vehicle God is going to use to bring my blessing, that he promised me 13 years ago, then OCTOBER is the only month that blessing can come to me. If no RV and no blessing from any other source , then I am sorry to say we all will have to wait another year for the RV, and again, that is just a fact not being conceited. And that too is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  12. Thank you for clarifying that for this person. Somehow I dont think they really want to understand what i said.
  13. Thanks you kimberlye, and same to you and everyone else on the forum have a good evening and I will be on High Alert from tommorrow October 1 thru October 31st. Coincidentally I purchased my first set of dinar on October 6th 2010, all the best to you.
  14. I think you already know the answer to your question. and your opinion is your opinion. And some people dont beleive in God, and you dont know what God can use to make them beleivers. And as to being a false witness, I made no suggestions to bear such.
  15. No problem I will tell him that, and could you do me a favour, if this is the year and you see this last dream of mine come to pass, remember that God is real, and make sure your life is in a position, for him to say to you, well done thy good and faithful servant.
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