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  1. the action requested of the three presidents resigning and holding new elections is total propaganda being spewed out by the ministers and thugs of the maliki machine and the SOL about to lose their golden goose. OF COURSE they want them to resign because if they don't, if they go through tomorrow and name the new cabinet, then all of these corrupt malcontents are not only out of a job, they are no longer under diplomatic immunity either. guess what that means? this is maliki and company, disguised as "concerned politicians and activists" in a last desperate gasp before they slid into the
  2. it is starting. the climb of the oil upward. this is the first harbinger of the fact that fortunes, MAJOR fortunes are about to be made. those that invest in the oil sector now will make a killing. do you really think the oil prices dropped because of too much production? think again.. sell high. drive prices down and buy low. drive prices up and cash in... simple formula. it works EVERY TIME. here it comes. drive the prices up. create 'worth' for the product again. cash in at the bank. not a bad strategy for ignorant savages... maybe we can 'coat tail' it in in sort of a pi
  3. well, so far, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED... so no losses have occurred, only a bunch of opinions: Currency Code Sell Buy US dollar USD 1182.000 1180.000 Euro EUR 1291.453 1290.807 British pound GBP 1750.542 1749.667 Canadian dollar CAD 851.340 850.914 Swiss franc CHF 1193.337 1192.740 Swedish krona SEK 141.516 141.445 Norwegian krone NOK 134.303 134.236 Danish krone DKK 173.060 172.973 Japanese yen JPY 9.809 9.804 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1639.269 1638.449 Indicative rates - 03.01.2016
  4. it would seem the reference is to investors cashing to retrieve what little they can before the dinar goes bust, as this article would seem to imply may happen. $500 per million is better than a total loss. i think this is a fear tactic to draw out the superficial (weaker) investors both personal and public. i think we are on the verge of a reversal in our favor as there is no way iraq can sustain any kind of economic growth or reform with a currency that's worth that little... maybe for a minute but not ongoing... i could write more but that's the gist of it. also, did anyone actually s
  5. this is maliki, in his never ending quest, through his multiple media outlets to sow the seeds of discord in some feeble hope that someone will believe this...
  6. i don't belive this. more maliki propaganda to give himself relevabce. PKK HATES maliki... this is a non event
  7. like i said... mental health is obviously a big (or little, as in brain) issue with you personally. you should seek help before you continue to polute these pages... just sayin' dude... check in for a 72 hour watch... might be good for you.
  8. so, even though you don't say it i asume by your statement above that you would vote for The D.? if so then it would appear by your comments that the only one in need of mental help would be you... i think the consenses is that EVEN HRC would be better than the freakazoid Donald. that's how ridiculous the D. is... so your rant is ridiculous just like your "insights"...
  9. this conversation is mute. k98 is right. so much so that HRC is a shoo in, landslide winner over The Donald (if he actually does get the nomination). TD will only be a spoiler and the GOP will, ONCE AGAIN, have backed the wrong candidate. and, ONCE AGAIN, republicans will cry over spilled over milk for 8 more years thinking about what coud have been have they backed a candidate that actually had a chance. Trump or anyone spouting his brand of predjduce and insanity will never be able to convine the new voting demogtaphic that they should put an meglomaniac in office. it's a dead horse.
  10. it' is comments and quotes like these that will assure that a democrat will be in the White House again. The Donald is The Idiot! I'm sure every time he says something like this Hillarious is just licking her chops! the guy is a circus act, good for reality T.V. but absolutely nuts to think he could run this country. sorry, neg me out if you want but he is insuring that the republican party will become extinct in short order. he may be able to be succesful at making money, and kids, but running a country? with that personality and with that agenda? he is a joke, AND is completely making
  11. it looks photoshoped, you know, where they put someone else's head on a different body... isn't it interesting that this surfaces now after Turkey shoots Russia out of its sky? hmmmmm...
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