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  1. u know, why should we care who endorses who--I, for my self, think I can make my own decisions--and this statement is made without any solid choice made as of yet. PS Geauxxxxxxxxxx RV(Okie said so)
  2. :blink: my 2 yr old grandchild makes more sense than this Thanks for the post. Yep, just what I thought, too
  3. Folks, I am as ready as anyone else out there for this to be over, but for the life of me, what is there to be getting soooo excited about. I not bashing, going neg, etc, I honestly don't understand why the hype, for 1166? Some change but not much, and for how long? Am I just tooo numb to all this after a couple of years? Don't Know. Pleaaassseeee "HEP ME"(southern drawl ) GET ER DONE, GO RV, WHATEVEA.....
  5. It is God people, God with a capitol "G", unless you are talking about somebody/something else. Merry Christmas to all. And I am ready for an increase in the value of the IQD regardless what you might call it.
  6. "So when I see outrageous rates like 5.71, I assume they are mistaken or confuse it for some kind of banking code." So this is an assumption on your part and not fact, just asking. BTW, I think the $5.71 is extremely high also, and not "bading" you, just asking. .
  7. That was wonderful--will buy--Merry Christmas to all.
  8. Gina, first found out from friends in church--then my sister.
  9. Thanks Delta, and yes I understand and partially agree. Having survived a heart problem(triple byepass-2 100% blockages, 1 70% blockage, and another 60% that wasn't immediatelly repaired but recieved two stints one year later), I realize that foolish habits helped put me there. Yes, enjoy life, eat well but watch it. I want to also enjoy my ten grandchildren as long as possible and some things I would love to do would help reduce the time I have with them. There are some things in life worth much more that that extra bowl of ice cream.
  10. Agreed--If ur smart enough to be an "executive" with a major international company, u should be smart enough to carry ur papers--u r a visitor, abide by the laws--we r expected to if we go to Germany.
  11. Yep, it was a great game, but not as good as bama and LSU GEAUX TIGERS AND GEAUX RV
  12. USAF (1966-1970) 2 yrs stateside at Luke AFB, Phoenix, AZ TAC Mobile 2 yrs Turkey, can"t say what command Communications
  13. Well folks, lost my internet and just got back on for first time since game. What a game--told ya'll--told u you were gonna need that roll of paper and the washing powder to clean up. WHAT A GAME. Too bad it was during the regular season. Two GREAT teams. I have to be good here, my son might be doing his residency at UAB next year. Went for interview last week, had an LSU hooded sweatshirt on and they frisked him at the airport when he landed. Honest they did. All in fun, I think. By the way, he loves their program. GEAUX TIGERS and GRAUX RRRRRRVVVVVV SO EXCITED I CAN'T SPELL. GEAUX RRRRRRRVVVVVVVV
  14. As a Bible thumper, most of this thread has been so good for me today. Started my day off right. There are "rights and wrongs". Without right and wrong you have total disorder and no compliace with anything. I love the Lord and recieve his blessings every day. The RV will just be lanyop(lawn yoop--means something extra to we "cajuns" here in LA). Ha, probably spelled that wrong, but some people will know what I mean. Thank you Lord. Bless us all with whatever you have planned for us.
  15. Gettin a littlt testy here--now let's be good--and why wait til the 6th, lol,--and USC, yep, would of been a better game than OU--CO-Champs--they didn't split that glass football did they-thought it was in Baton Rouge
  16. Hey Tech, can ya'll take those aggies back, we don't care for them either--and unfortunately my neighbor is one--and a minister to boot(conflict of interest I think, lol) but he's got a good wife--Louisiana born and a Tiger fan--and they are still both alive!
  17. Folks, we have two great universities competing here--great reputations--records--coaches(although one is an LSU--oh never mind--satin, sorry, Saban is a great coach ) Great rivalry-----buuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt--gonna have to say GEAUX TIGERS--might have most of the team back and really play some great football---and those cute little Tide boxes with the toilet paper on top--well ya'll gonna(Bama) need both during and after the game, cause u gonna get it scared outa ya and need both to clean up. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and a a minimum of 1 to 1. All in fun ya'll. AIN'T FOOTBALL SEASON GREAT AND ESPECIALLY IN THE SEC!!!!!! love u all and let us pray no injuries and lots of love. Too bad the national championship game won't count.
  18. ronny46

    Good News

    [/sup To reply to the statements of "why would you want to work any more after the RV, I'll kick back and put my feet up, etc", a friend of mine retired appx one year ago and now is very disappointed. He is a man who worked hard all his life and was very successful. He always dreamed of sitting back and "sleeping in" in the morning-you know the deal--well, now all he has to say is "A man needs a reason to get up in the morning". He enjoys his retirement but needs more to do and needs a focus or reason to get up in the morning. And, his health has started to decline since his "retirement". Yes, it will be great not to "have to" get up and go to work at the same old job--but--once we have a little fun and relax a while, we will need something constructive to do that will keep us alive and be of good to our world around us. I personally hope I will continue to contribute to this world God has given us and be able to help spread His word more. Just a thought. God bless you all and lets get this thing over--I'm getting older.
  19. Just said a prayer for ya'll. God bless and keep you all. Lost my mother in Jan 1st and my father in Jan 21st of this year. I know prayer works and there is such a comfort in knowing where they both are at and that I and the rest ofmy family can and will see them again. God bless and keep all of you. Boy, messed that up--lol--should have reade mother on Jan 1st of this year and father on Jan 31st of this year.
  20. Well, if it comes in at a good high rate, say $3 area, I will pay my tithes and give to some charities we support , pay my taxes , psy off little debt I have, give a little to the kids, set up college funds for grandkids, take a little time off and maybe travel then retire to the farm and hope I live long enough to enjoy the rest of my life. If it comes in as low as some of the nay sayers say it will, I will pay my tithes, taxes get a good steak, cook it myself and continue to work the rest of my life . GO RV. God bless us all.
  21. Heavy, thanks for the post and The Word. So happy I am a believer. Pitty for those who aren't. I would much rather be a believer and be wrong, than a non-believer and be wrong. It is like this dinar ride, no one knows the day, no one knows the time. Praise God and thank you Jesus.
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