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  1. shouldn't that be $1,846,666.67 per tribe member if there are 300,000 registered in the tribe.
  2. Hopefully ALL the TRUTH will soon surface and the hate mongers can find somewhere else to spew their hate---rush to judgement always solves things
  3. I'm trying to figure out what all this BS about vacation time in the White House has to do with Maliki possibly leaving office--or is he just going to play golf with "O". by the way, didn't President Johnson have more "vacation" days in his appx 5 years in office than President Bush had in 8, seems like I heard that some where. But back to Maliki--hope he is gone.
  4. A can of Bush Beans would be better in the White House than what is in there now. Guess I'll go back for another audit now.
  5. Well, pretty much agree, just wish my wife would wear something besides "bright red". lol
  6. I thought we had most of the Dinar here in the US waiting on the RV
  7. I would like to join ya'll in a Merry Christmas to you all, Happy New Year and may the Lord continue to be with us and bless us as He does everyday, and if he so decides, maybe he could help us wrap this Dinar venture up. God Bless you all(and go Phill, keep blowing that duck call)
  8. RE: Janet Napolitano resigning, that is great, but I understand now she is at a university in California where she can "educate" others--know what I mean.
  9. The ball was dropped all right--and we all know who dropped it. And it had nothing to do with the RV
  10. Well, this is as logical as anything else I read on here(DV) over the past several years.....and another week, another month and another year passes. Sounds good--maybe I will rush out and buy some more........naw.
  11. HUH? My 2 yr old grandson makes better sense than this--or is it me ?
  12. I just don't get excited about any rumor anymore--what will be will be--when the line starts forming I will get in it--and so on and so on. And I don't even have a WF anywhere near me
  13. Yep, even simple words like "butt" or "but"--
  14. Well, you know, we here in the good ole USA have a lot of daily violence (esp. Chicago, etc.) and we keep on trucking along--why can't Iraq. Get er done and let's see if it makes a difference in their attitudes.
  15. Well, fellow Leos, the 5th would work for me, my BD--but any day sooner would be fine.
  16. we need more like Judge Jeanine, except we need them on other networks where those that need it will see it. Go Judge Jeanine and AMEN and AMEN
  17. Great advice Amos, but How about moving #7 as #1. just a suggestion. Here's hoping we will be facing this real soon, this is getting old, but in it for the long haul if necessary. Blessings to everyone.
  18. All we need to do is enforce the laws on the books now. I have purchased two firearms recently and went through background checks on both, a pistol and a rifle. Technically these firearms are now registered, which I feel is an infringement on my rights--I am a law abiding citizen with no record. Anyway, enforce what we have, punish those that break the law using a weapon of any kind--a weapon doesn't have to be just a firearm. JMHO And, of course, please RV soon.
  19. Well, been a life member of the NRA for over 40 years, and no "Scientific Poll" has asked me anything---I SAY BULLSHO*&^RT on that poll. All this cr^%$p lately made me do is buy a couple of more firearms, and got my concealed carry permit.
  20. I think the feds need to ban these bubble guns, at least limit them to 7 bubble clips or something like that. Yon know, I think these are actually classified as machine guns since bubbles can continue to be fired without releasing the trigger. Grt a grip America, how stupid are we getting. This is sooooooo redicilous.
  21. This might sound a little stupid to some of you, but to me, an assault weapon is anything I might be assaulted with---pens, fists, words, knives, rocks, etc.
  22. If you really want to stop the "mass murders" then all you have to do is shut down abortion clinics and make abortions illegal---simple.
  23. Just one question, in one paragraph Iraq's proven oil reserves are listed as 115 billion barrels, then in another paragraph it is listed as 143 billion. Which is it? Just curious. Happy New Year to all.
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