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  1. This Pope scares me he kinda reminds me of obummie a little bit.
  2. Thank you to all you officers who do awesome job in keeping us safe.
  3. I miss him so so much now he was a real man most of the men today are a joke.
  4. I love this kind of stuff thanks for bring it to my attention I will keep and eye one it. Sorry Markinsa I neg you by mistake so so sorry me my big fat thumb.
  5. The last time I was on a plane in 1997 when I went to England I think I'm going to keep it that way.
  6. I am so sick of anti America liberials every time I see a teacher get trouble with the law I laugh I know not all are morons but most are.
  7. Umbertino it wasn't funding that did the crash it was speed I wish you would stop pushing the lies and stop trying to dived my country.
  8. Awesome for you and your sweet heart I wish I could fine love like you but I'm to scared I see what is out there and it scares me maybe some day God willing.
  9. Doing fine thanks still here.
  10. Waiting for Adam only!!
  11. Thank you Adam for letting us know there some good queations being put out here that I would love to know too.
  12. This is the best video of the week you go mom any mom be proud of this mom!
  13. Wow I can't believe I got it even with my screw up brian Wow!
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