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  1. BS!It just makes me wonder does the pollings MSNBC,NBC,ABC,CBS or CNN or better yet who pays them LOL.
  2. Demorats are saing gun control while people are dieing but Repulicans are praying these people while being shot at.What would you want someone praying for you while your being shot at or being told gun control while this active shooting is going on. Wow you Demorats got no brains.
  3. Dec.18 my Birthday so that would be awesome gift I hope it comes true.
  4. This is our menality of society today I just pray to God that he will forgive these idoits that forgot God my heart goes out for this women and her family she was just doing her job.The thing that got me was this jerk was a firefighter at one time.
  5. I got to wait to get to Heaven to that kind of love because none that never happen hear on earth I can't wait until I go at times.I've live most my life alone but thanking God every day for this life.
  6. My dinar our out in my barn not on my counter ready to be cash in but I still them at least.
  7. Thanks for the laugh I just lost my Gracie this week of almost 13 yrs next month on the 8th her mom Shoney is going to be 15 in Jan and she is still going strong.
  8. Okay I will God Bless our Men and Women in Blue!!!
  9. I so wish I could put this on my facebook but don't know how this just scares the he!! Out of me and for our souls.
  10. Some good ideals I could do in walmart LOL. Thanks for the laugh And the thought.
  11. Really love last part of the sentence on the end LOL LOL!!
  12. This kind of news is really pulling at my heart all ploice want is to keep us safe God Bless him and family.
  13. Can you believe it, its been 30 yrs. WOW!! Lot of these wonderful artist's have pass to hand of God wow have time fly it on of my favorits still.
  14. I laugh when I read this on Fox News another Socialist going down in flames.LOL!
  15. Thank God he doesn't have the Senate and the Congress or he would try or why not with a pen and a phone God help us.
  16. Before I went work today I took some flowers and Angel and left a note at my local Marine Recruiter office I just wish I could do more.God Bless them all.
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