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  1. I haven't posted anything since 2009-10. But I have said this since 09 that if we had Trump in office that this would get done. And it would be close to the rate they were at before if not higher. Look at the bigger picture. Weigh everything out on a scale and you can see this is going to be something that will drastically shape the world economy.
  2. CALLING TO THE MEDIC "CALLING TO THE MEDIC" How can you even have any truth flowing from you!!!! "ATTENTION TO MEDIC, IF YOU ARE READING THIS" you are rediculous!!!! the other gurus and thier over inflated Ego that have been wrong so many times before You're talking about yourself aren't you??? HAHAHA too funny.
  3. what ever he is smoken I gots to have some of that s====
  4. I believe it was good ole DUBYA that brought that about. But he had no idea that the big O would play a modern day Robin Hood on all of us, to suck us dry.....I sure miss DUBYA
  5. I thought Maliki put in the hands of the Central Bank to determine the RV.
  6. Mongo that point is true: it may come to that if the liberals and socialist ideas continue to roll out of Washington. I also agree President Bush in time will be one of the respected, having dealt with the problems that happened as in 9 mo's after taking office and 9/11 and Katrina. Not to many have ever dealt with so much in such a short time. Of course unless your OBAMA and trying to change our way of life. Modern day Robin Hood!!!!!
  7. WOW you are full of CRAP!
  8. no decimal point in the 322, does that mean 322 dinar to 1 usd
  9. Global Arab Network has 1-1 exchange 1 usd - 1 iqd ????????
  10. Just checked Global Arab and checked the currency converter and it has usd/iqd at 1 to 1. 1 usd to 1iqd ????? anyone heard anything new?????
  11. This is a bunch of crap...All along these guys have been saying that it would be high and then low and then high again and then low again...Never any facts at all, its pretty much just theories on what it would be...And theories are STUPID...Way toooooo much fluctuation on what these guys think...Plus this was supposed to happen two months ago at a higher rate than .86....Like the people that just posted with replies..We will see when it happens!
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