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  1. rozman

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Dilly Dilly. Who has te Bud Light??
  2. rozman


    Breitling, thanks for the HEADS UP. Rozman
  3. rozman

    rumor I heard

    When I see Luigi's name attached as the source, I put on ignore. Keeps my blood pressure down and my liquor cabinet from being empty..
  4. rozman


    Fringe on lamps, did not get any replies, but did ck reviews which were good. Have placed an order. If interested, let me know. Rozman
  5. rozman


    I am considering buying more Dinar. Has anyone bought or dealt with Currency Liquidators? Please let me know if you have an opinion. Thanks Rozman
  6. Are we now in the HOBBIT of talking about vertically challenged people as opposed to the mentally challenged we have been talking about? We must be really bored or getting restless.
  7. It is time !!!!!!! But why announce it. Cannot understand why they would do so. But can we really understand what they do.
  8. rozman

    Income Tax Post RV

    You may want to see if the bank will let you pay off any loans in the Dinars. This has some possibilities. Also convert some to gold and silver. You can also put dinars into a roth IRA which all gains are not taxable.
  9. rozman

    Wife In The Know's April Fools Post !

    Now that's an" OLD WIVES TALE" if I have ever heard one.
  10. It is "VERY INTERESTING????" Seriously, things are looking very promising for when it will happen (soon). My question to Dinar Vets is where is there some hard evidence as to the rate? Seems to me that there is a lots of speculation that comes from subjective interpretations of the intel that is being propogated. Give us some good hard facts.
  11. rozman

    DV's New Look!!!

    I will get use to it!!!!!!!!
  12. rozman

    Prayer Request

    My prayers are with you and your family Rozman
  13. I am intersted and have an account with Bank of America with the money there. I would like to make sure that that I am getting the real Dinar. Presently I am in Columbia , SC and will be going to Charleston in am. Please let me know if you have any Ideas.
  14. rozman

    *** marriage

    So, is Obama going to be OK with one of his daugthers in a *** marriage? Just a thought.
  15. rozman

    Adam's drive by, Sat 3/24

    I can feel it!!!!!!! IT is TIME. Rozman

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