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  1. Hate to do it but I have to come up with quick cash so I am offering to sell (16 x 25,000 never really circulated and most are sequential) 400k Dinars for $250.00 OBO. If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area I can deliver to you. Prefer to sell as fast as possible to raise money to pay Truck note ASAP! Please no spamming and later on I will be buying back to reinvest but now I need to sell! Anyone local and interested or needs more info then please text me (904) 486-6521 Thank You! T. Caldwell BMC USN (Ret.)
  2. As the Chicken announced in the children's fable goes
  3. I can see your point but the Dealers and their Website will not sell the Dinars for $.0009 per Dinar anymore if the value goes up to lets say $.01 or greater for exchange rate.
  4. Yes I remember the character ,But a bit slow as to the reference of Possum Sorry I commented on the wrong quote; That's a good one for sure, When the RV does happen and if this happens to me then I'm sending My Ex to your place and sending you 30,000 Dinars before hand!
  5. That's a good one for sure, When the RV does happen and if this happens to me then I'm sending My Ex to your place and sending you 30,000 Dinars before hand!
  6. ER, I am hoping you can answer this question, it is a question about US Taxes. Once the IQD RVs and If I donate to the DNC (Democratic National Committee) just 1 dollar from my Capital Gain Income, will I be able to write that investment off as a loss on my taxes in April?
  7. Not sure if this was a typo but by the time I press send on this posting the local time in Iraq be 1838 hrs 7 June 2012 which is way before 12 Midnight 7 June. Did your connection maybe get a ride in a Delorean to obtain this info?
  8. View PostSWFloridaGuy, on 05 June 2012 - 04:20 PM, said: 6-5-2012 "While the Iraqi Dinar has become a currency-du-jour of sorts, with many so-called experts claiming that it is a smart investment option for foreign exchange traders, the current underlying fundamentals of Iraq and the Middle East on the whole make it an unappealing trading opportunity for the time being and years to come. Primarily, there is no market for the Iraqi Dinar (spot: USDIQD) right now. Starting in 2004, following the US led invasion of Iraq, the Dinar has faced illiquid market conditions amid continued uncertainty of the political outlook of the country. Despite appreciating from 2004 to early 2009, since February 2009, the USDIQD has held steady near a de facto currency peg of 1 US Dollar = 1170.00 Iraqi Dinar. In January 2012, it weakened to 1165.00. Despite these conditions, investors are still drawn to the prospect of a POLITICALLY STABLE Iraq in the future, and, more likely, finding exposure to movements in oil – good reasons to invest in a potential commodity. Currently, Iraq’s oil reserves are the second largest in the world – a scintillating prospect for investment should Iraq increase the number of barrels of oil it exports a day. However, given that there are few buyers and sellers of the Iraqi Dinar currently, those seeking to expose themselves to the prospect of appreciating oil prices should look elsewhere." http://www.dailyfx.c...raqi_Dinar.html OK, I'll take a stab at this... "Primarily, there is no market for the Iraqi Dinar." There's no market because Iraq is under Ch7 sanctions. Remove sanctions, and voila, market. "...the USDIQD has held steady near a de facto currency peg of 1 US Dollar = 1170.00 Iraqi Dinar." Of course it's held steady. It's held there by the CBI. "In January 2012, it weakened to 1165.00." I must not be paying very close attention, but isn't IQD going from 1170 to 1166 a strengthening of the dinar, not a weakening? I'm just a humble mortgage guy, but this guy seems to be making some pretty poor arguments for an expert. By the way, why can't these folks ever get a big name to address this? I remember, a few months ago, Forbes Magazine came all the way down to little ole Birmingham, Alabama, and talked to some no name financial adviser, when they could have literally talked to ANYONE. Read more: I don't fully agree with SWFL comment but I think his comment of the Dinar going from 1170 to 1165 as a "Weakening" was more so for those buying the Dinar would receive less Dinars to the dollar and that would be a Weakening situation but for those already having made purchase(s) of the Dinar then when the values of the Dinar to the dollar comes down and becomes available to trade then that is a strengthening situation. Also removal of Iraq out of Chapter 7 will thus allow Iraq to conduct business on all open markets
  9. Ok that is a basis of a opinion, but is that the basis of Candy Cane's Opinion. I mean if one is going to go out and state that everyone is wrong and it's going to be another year then that would tend to make me believe that they have some information as the foundation to their remark. Not trying to be a nay sayer to anyone's comments but more so trying to illicit their argument as a discussion to better understand where they are coming from with their opinion or if proven, Facts. Anyone can get on a Soap Box and announce this or that (And Many do on other websites) but the one thing I have come to expect and see on a regular basis on this site is sound arguments to their opinions or inputs
  10. I am still new to this site so please bring me up to speed as to who is Possum
  11. You're figures are correct based on latest news reports, I was just trying to use the logic of the author of the post to reflect that $730 Million for Oil for 1 year was inaccurate. Shoot I even used today's Oil Price per barrel and not the one it has been the most part of the year and is bound to go back to of $97- $99 (or higher) per Barrel. that even equates to another $8.5 to $11 Billion dollars above the figure of $79.91 Billion a year, the only issuer for current production. The resources are there to handle the increased valuing of the Dinar the only issue that lies with all this (and has been forever) is can the government control the different groups (factions) that make up Iraq's populace and can never seem to get along to allow the resources to be used to increase Iraq's value.
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