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  1. I'm holding onto my Confederate paper currency, Indian wooden nickels, and will add Bit and Lite coins to my assets. Go RV!
  2. Sources are saying Rv by the end of March. I'm glad this investment is finished.
  4. The game has been postponed until Sunday the 9th due to bad weather. Update your Tv watching until then.
  5. Possum I hope you're right this time! Forgive me for doubtin and losin faith, but per previous peculiar possum posts and instruction, I've already relieved the bladder 3 times on the bosses desk, 2 times on his carpet, and now atop his pickup truck. If it weren't fer his addictshums to the golden drippin's in the moonshine mason jars peace offerins I leaves him day after my doggy-style antics, I'd be out of work and dumpster divin'. Please tell us truthful this time, This be IT??
  6. I despise people like this. All this person does is repeat his hype over and over without getting to the F'ing point and giving details. So annoying. He's so full of hot air he should float away and be gone.
  7. Sell off 75% of your Dinar, buy Bitcoins, Crypto currencies and watch your cash grow large. Did you see the news the other day about the UK guy who lost a computer hard drive that had 7.5 million USD's in Bitcoins? sorry for the bad link, maybe this will work:
  8. It would be a great Xmas gift to the dinar investors to shackle these fibbers in heavy chains and put them all on an island with no contact to the outside world. Goodbye Guru's, hello 2014.
  9. An interesting read, thanks for bringing this over lupine49. I saved the link. I wasn't aware the FDIC declared bankruptcy in 2006, wow. I don't know the man who wrote the article but the NDA makes sense and it wouldn't surprise me if they used it in some way to shaft the investor. As far as the politicians having a dire need for the investors Iraqi dinar; "They need your dinar to purchase oil now that Europe and other major trading partners are refusing to accept the fiat-based, ponsi-style, USD", ah....well, I don't know about that. As for the second part, no doubt the dollar is losing value/status and we read reports of how foreign countries are no longer wanting it and would rather have silver, gold, and other currencies in it's place. Overall, this was a great read and causes me to get off my butt and research some of these laws and regulations. Thanks again for bringing this article.
  10. You would think after all this time people would stop wasting time looking for a sign, wonder, or 'word' of an Rv. Foks, I doubt this man or ANYONE for that matter has any truthful insight. It's politics and man's game, not religion. The dinar might stay undervalued forever, it might gradually increase over time (as it has been). More than likely the CBI will just gradually improve the value. This is common sense and the likely outcome. I would like us all to have a windfall and wealth overnight, but it's just not realistic. jmo
  11. Good God, $27 of Bitcoin is now worth $886k bought in 2009?!? God, I wish I could take a time machine back to 2009 for 10 minutes and buy some of those! Oh the agony.
  12. millionaire, he's some bozo prophet type that has a church following, a few years ago he said to his audience that the Lord was telling him the dinar was going to RV. Go to you tube and key in 'kim clement, dinar' and you'll find the video.
  13. Yes, she wasn't referring to whites only, but all races, at least that's how I understand it. I really could care less about miss super-billionaire, she's just one more celebrity that built her empire off the backs of her following while spouting her opinions. Who cares.
  14. Same ol' same ol' as they beat the same tired drum and gain our U.S. Dollars...
  15. This guy doesn't know anything. A few years ago he mentioned the dinar during one of his performances on stage. More than likely a number of people in his following have dinar and it's a good angle to keep folk hopeful and contributing to his ministry. jmo
  16. It's hopeless Charlie Brown, just HOPELESS. Lets try that again...
  17. That wasn't dinar, it was her kids Monopoly money. It was 'bring an aspiring family financial executive to work day' and the little tot mixed monopoly mojo in with regular U.S. cabbage. Wait until Mr. Magoo WF customer gets home to find the four 100 dollar bills are only good to buy Short Line or Reading Railroad. btw RFR, stop looking in the tellers drawers, that's indecent. Go RV! Imshi, Imshi!
  18. what gave you the idea this was about dinar? it's about music video's, delicious recipe's, birth/death/wedding/vacation/home remedy announcements, speculative rumors, yachts, helicopters, planes, continent purchases, jolly ranchers, and long deep sips from a moonlit still.
  19. Join the club, 90% of what I bought 3 years ago was sold at a discount, the rest will probably be gone in a month. I think the value of the dinar will just gradually increase over the years. The people that don't need the cash will be the only ones to stay in it. jmo.
  20. Ok, so my question is this: Why are you here? Constructive criticism or juvenile rebuke. This isn't the 1st time you've begun a thread like this. Bank Guy, If you have some intelligent, logical insight from a financial perspective highlighting how Foreign Central Banks operate and apply this to the direction Iraq seems to be taking to appreciate their currency, then it would be most welcome. If however, you are only going to rant like a 10 year old with shallow statements, then I'll have to assume you work for no bank and are merely venting your own failure with life. If the latter is the case, then do the mature thing and just drop off and disappear.
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