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  1. Yes. You can email or PM me.
  2. I am selling 1 million uncirc in 25,000 notes. $775 free shipping. Paypal preferred.
  3. One million uncirculated, 25,000 notes. $775.00 and I will pay shipping. Paypal preferred but will consider options.
  4. I was just informed my price was not very competitive. It is not crucial I sell this portion nor am I in a hurry, but I do want to offer at fair price. So I will sell 1,200,000.00 for $900.00 As mentioned I prefer Paypal but am open to other suggestions. Just pm or email me
  5. Selling 1.2 million all in uncirculated 25,000 notes. Paperwork supporting initial purchase. Paypal preferred - $1,000.00 Prefer to sell within the United States Can ship same day or next day
  6. Maybe because of the USD you would have on you to make the purchase?..?..
  7. This can be taken a couple different ways. I really dont care as both dem and repub have equal stories and I distrust both. However, if all this dirt exist...seems like at least one smart republican could find it out. After all some make it a career to discredit. So your saying out of all the great minds in the GOP and ample financial backing that nothing can be found out? So if there are so many unanswered questions that are being asked....I think it would be safe to say the GOP has not been successful in uncovering the dirt. So since this is such a conundrum, does this mean the dems ha
  8. Isn't all the crap brought here from other sites? It seems that some folks simply copy and paste the junk from other sites. Rarely do I see outlandish claims direct from DV members. It always seems to be imported. There are a few members here that make it their daily duty to monitor these other sites and then post it here.
  9. That is correct. It is your choice and no one twists your arm. As far as real name, he would be a fool to put that out where everyone can harrass him all day long. If you think it is safe post your real name and city and see what happens. If you are more comfortable with a face to face, then by all means consult locally in person. Most of Bernie M customers met him face to face....
  10. I will up the ante....I bid $500 and you gain your sanity back without having to worry about it anymore. Matter of fact, I will buy all for $500 and give you back 47,000 dinar as a commission.
  11. The Gurus supply the Dinar methadone for the Dinar News Addicted. It is just a weekly fix to get them by until next week. And they just keep lining up....
  12. Always a pleasure to see dinar speculators that appreciate their dogs...or cats
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