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  1. Please email me at to discuss
  2. I would be interested in 2 million Dinar. Please contact me at to discuss. Thank you.
  3. ashbuk, If you are not able to sell all of your Dinar to one person, i would like to purchase 2,000,000 Dinar. We could meet in person for the exchange or through a Paypal transaction. Please email me at: if you are interested. Thank you.
  4. I am interested in the dinar. Please email me at
  5. I am interested. Please email me at: so we can discuss price and delivery
  6. Thank you very much for all you, your staff and the mods do. God bless.
  7. First Adam, Thank you very much for all you have done for this group. Secondly, Thank you in advance for all you have planned for our future. A while ago, there was some discussion about owning different denominations of the Dinar. The wisdom was if the CBI specified a certain denomination (example 25,000 Dinar note) was required to be "cashed-in" by a certain date or the note would become worthless and it was early in the RV process when the value might be low, there was a chance the value might rise before another denomination was required to be "cashed-in". I have two questions: 1.) Do you believe in the advantage of owning different denominations? 2.) I thought the order of required "cash-in" would be either large to small denominations or the reverse. I am now wondering about the 50,000 Dinar note. It was issued in November 2015 (so it is the newest) and it has the most anti-counterfeit features. Will they have the 50,000 Dinar be last, first, or other thoughts? God bless all of us and Thank you again.
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