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  1. Harvey Milk, mayor of San Francisco gunned down by a lunatic whose lawyer got him off saying his client ate too much junk food. The Twinkie Defense, I was ( and still am) speechless. The best one though came later in history with the defendant raised the consideration of “ what definition of the word IS is”.
  2. I believe most of the payoff money came from the recent passage of the 1.9 trillion dollar Save America bill. It’s still you and me paying for it.
  3. Bill Gates thinks he can manipulate nature? He’s got another thing coming his way, it’s called reality. I’m quite certain he has more money than sense and I’ll call it out, he’s insane! To quote Putin recently, I wish him health.
  4. Biden is a puppet, always has been. He and his administration are derailing so bad already that I believe the midterm elections will box him in just like happened to Obama. (If his health and/or mental capacity remain with him)
  5. Why do people that don’t have to worry about money anymore think they have the right to impose their perspective on everyone? Why can’t they just live on the island they bought and leave everything alone? Makes me shake my head in complete disbelief.
  6. Can’t wait to go to the voting booth next year! I wonder how the votes will be tallied this time.
  7. Yet another big reason to vote them out in 2022!
  8. The future is not going to be kind to Biden and anyone associated with this administration.
  9. Sorry, I meant 25k notes (not 20k). I was tired when I made that post last night.
  10. 3 million uncirculated Iraqi dinar (10k and 20k notes) for sale. $850/mil. (OBO). PM or email at Thanks!!
  11. I’m selling 3M uncirculated 10k and 20k notes. Email me at Thanks!
  12. Margaret Thatcher was quoted as saying while she was prime minister of England “the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”
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