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  1. Baghdad (news) .. Said economic expert on behalf of Abdul Hadi, said the agreement private banks to reduce the dollar exchange rate will stabilize the value of the Iraqi dinar. Abdul Hadi said (of the Agency news): The establishment of private banks to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar to 1180 dinars will lead to the stability of the value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies and to activate the principle of transparency in dealing with foreign currency, in addition to reducing the speculative side. He added: reduction of the U.S. dollar exchange rate is the role played by national private banks as well as its economic role. The Association of Iraqi banks agreed with the central bank cut the cash dollar exchange rate to 1180 dinars as of next Sunday. / End / 5. G. / Mm Orig:
  2. I wouldn't buy a bag a chips if this guy told me to.. Audio Link People who talk this way have no "intel", PERIOD!!
  3. No-one pays attention.. To obsessed with proving someone wrong to take the time to get the facts straight.. +1
  4. X = the sum, answer, value.... 2+4=X X=6
  5. Did it once to me too a few weeks ago, restart the app.
  6. Fine on my end too.. all hope is lost
  7. So if their 1000 dinar note (which right now buys a loaf of bread) Rv's to = $3000 USD That same loaf of bread will run them $3000 USD?, lol..I don't think so.
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