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  1. I have looked as well but have not been able to find where the Iraqi Dinar was linked to the DOW reaching 20,000. I, too, am hoping Kim Clement is right, but we are not only "Dinar Vets" but also very good "Dinar Vetters"!
  2. Do you all remember Scooter? He hasn't been around dinar-land for a few years, but he used to do interviews -- Here is an excerpt from an interview done 4/25/12 regarding bonds: This first part talks about privatizing the two government banks which I believe has been, for the most part, done. Scooter-EG] those spreadsheets are directly from the Ministry of Finance site What you’ll find are the two budgets I spoke of earlier so the question comes about now is what happens next well — there’s two items that are big ones for me one those two government banks — Rafadain and Rash
  3. If this secret meeting goes as well as the UN/US secret amnesty meeting, we should see the accountability and justice law done by the end of the week.
  4. Thank you, TrinityeXchange. I appreciate reading your posts and gleaning from your knowledge. Kudos to all of us who were brave enough to scratch below the dinar scam surface and find the real truth of the plan.
  5. Trinity - - I shared your post with friends who were most grateful for your analysis. Here is one response I was asked to pass on to you. appreciate the post. Entire analysis by TrinityeXchange was excellent, but what tipped it all over into supercalifragilistic for me was Arabic translations spelling out not only the need to RV but that RV is part of WB and Iraq's long-range plan (2009 - 2013 +) for economic growth. I've been kicked back for a while, but I think it's definitely Miller Time. A++++ thread. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Best thoughts ~ DW P
  6. I wonder if the ESF is behind the Patriot Act. It's getting to where I don't know what to believe anymore!
  7. Could the smart card activation be the "new policy" the cbi is going to implement to bring the market rate of the dinar more in line with the cbi rate? If the people can use the smart cards for payments/purchases, there would be much less need for purchasing dollars.
  8. Here is a google translation. Not sure exactly what the announcement is saying. Iraqi Central Bank More Issued News Statement Iraqi Central Bank Intention More Statements Media Means Some Deliberated Including Zeros Three And delete Iraqi Currency Restructuring Re ... Which Time In This Such as More Authorization And reference The only The He Central Bank Where Confirms , Things Ace And delete Currency For structuring His Intention Presence Not To Indicates P In R Note Necessary So Current Time . Iraqi Central Bank
  9. As I understand it, the fluxuation of the USD will not always be uniform among other currencies that are pegged to the USD. When betting on currency pairs, you evaulate the fundamentals and patterns of the currency pair, and bet on which of the two currencies you think will be stronger (long term and short term) than the other. If you think the USD will be stronger than the IQD, you go long and hope the USD rises against the IQD. If you think the USD will be weaker than the IQD, you short it and hope it goes down. I do think the chart is very interesting - - the value of the IQD as
  10. I wouldn't for a second doubt Mailman. His analysis/opinion may not always be spot on, (like everyone else), but Mailman would never give out a false report.
  11. Betty, I wish you would post the names of the people sending you nasty emails. I for one would love to know their names. I also think they should be banned from this site.
  12. Ever since the site update, my computer ( I'm on a different one right now) has not been able to get past an intro. page which has several topics I can click on. But when I click on them, it stays on the same info. page. Is there something I can do on my end to get back to the DV site? I miss it!
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