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  1. Press Release about Matdolth some media statements about the intention of the Iraqi Central Bank to restructure the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros from the currency That is the translation, it is on the arabic side of cbi 2nd one on the news and announcements!
  2. Adam, Press Release about Matdolth some media statements about the intention of the Iraqi Central Bank to restructure the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros from the currency 25/04/2013〈=ar I was on the arabic side of CBI.IQ and discovered this announcement, it was posted the first day the banks closed, and as I know it now have not open since! what does this mean to you?
  3. Press Release about Matdolth some media statements about the intention of the Iraqi Central Bank to restructure the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros from the 25/04/2013〈=ar I do not know if this has been posted, but I was on the arabic side of CBI.IQ and discovered this announcement, it was posted the first day the banks closed, and as I know it now have not open since! what does this mean to you?
  4. what part of wife does not click for you? married people don't get laid, they procreate.....
  5. I must say I am shocked nobody as connected the dots! the day before Iraq was accepted into the EU, this article was on IMF Executive Board Completes First and Second Reviews Under Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Greece and Approves €3.24 Billion Disbursement Press Release No.13/13 January 16, 2013 The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today completed the first and second reviews of Greece’s economic performance under a program supported by a four-year Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangement for Greece. The completion of the review enables the disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 2.798 billion (about €3.24 billion or US$4.3 billion), bringing total Fund disbursements under the EFF arrangement to an amount equivalent to SDR 4.197 billion (about €4.86 billion or US$6.46 billion). In completing the review, the Executive Board also approved waivers of applicability of end-December 2012 performance criteria, modified performance criteria, and rephased disbursements under the arrangement. Following a political crisis that delayed implementation of the economic program, understandings were reached with the government on a fully recalibrated economic program to be supported under the EFF arrangement. Policies were modified to deal with stronger macroeconomic headwinds and to better reflect observed implementation capacity. The fiscal adjustment path was lengthened by two years to 2016 to give Greece more time to reach the primary balance target, privatization targets were adjusted downwards to reflect weak market conditions, and the authorities specified the adjustment measures necessary to close the fiscal gap through 2014. In addition, authorities took measures to liberalize product markets and advance bank recapitalization. The Greek government also reached understandings with its European partners on a revised financing framework, including steps to ease its debt burden. The EFF arrangement, which was approved on March 15, 2012 (see Press Release No. 12/85), is part of a joint package of financing with euro area member states amounting to €172 billion over four years. It entails exceptional access to IMF resources, amounting to about 2,159 percent of Greece’s quota. Following the Executive Board’s discussion, Ms. Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director and Executive Board Chair, said: “The program is moving in the right direction, with strong fiscal adjustment and notable labor-cost competitiveness gains. While the program has been adjusted to take account of the deeper recession and implementation capacity, the strategy remains focused on restoring growth, competitiveness, and debt sustainability. Forceful structural reforms and broad-based domestic support will be needed to meet challenges, alongside long-term support from Greece’s European partners. “Greece has made progress with structural reforms, reflected in recent actions to reduce non-wage labor costs and reform the product market. However, much more remains to be done to achieve the critical mass of reforms needed to boost productivity and lower prices. Ambitious reductions in barriers to competition are crucial. It will also be important for the government to deliver its privatization plans and to take appropriate steps to strengthen the governance of the process, if necessary. “Efforts must continue to restructure and strengthen the banking system. With the finalization of the bank recapitalization framework, it is vital that the new monitoring and supervisory framework be made effective to protect the public interest and prevent state interference in management. Additional financing from euro area member states to allow Greece to redeem treasury bills from banks could support liquidity and credit creation. “Greece’s fiscal effort has been impressive by any measure. The frontloaded adjustment will help bring spending back towards pre-euro levels, and has been designed to protect the most vulnerable. Looking ahead, Greece needs to radically overhaul its tax administration to bolster tax collections, fight tax evasion, and shrink the public sector, in particular through targeted redundancies. “Steps are being taken to put Greece’s debt on a more sustainable path. Greece’s European partners have extended repayment periods on their loans and provided assurances that they will consider additional conditional measures and assistance to reduce debt to substantially below 110 percent of GDP by 2022. “Euro area member states have committed to work together with the Greek authorities and the IMF to ensure the success of the program, reaffirmed the IMF’s preferred creditor status, and committed to providing adequate support to Greece during the program and beyond, provided that Greece continues to cooperate closely with the IMF in the implementation of appropriate adjustment policies. This would facilitate a return to debt sustainability and timely repayments to the Fund.” where did the money for Greece come from? if they have had it all along then why did they wait so long to bail out Greece?
  6. ok since you cant answer a question correctly, again as easy said WHO are you, what qualifies you to discredit everyone else? and furthermore who do you think you are not even a moth old member calling out Veterans? I do not think easy needs to explain a dam thing to you! as for me... well I am me!
  7. Iraqi banks all decided to continue the work of the window sale and purchase of foreign currency for the day on Saturday 12/1/2013 09/01/2013 I copied this myself from the cbi news and announcements, it is not posted on the English side of the site, I used Google chrome to translate it! so what Frank and Delta are saying is at least partly correct, I cannot verify they are urging iraqis to sell Dinar for USD!
  8. UNEEK... I noticed your MIA now, how about a response! you stood by your "in the know prediction" and now your not "in the know for why there was no RV" no more garbage to feed us? they told you CROW was for dinner on the 10th right! well it was crow or caviar and I ain't eating any Caviar.... I thought maybe you were different then the rest, your as much of a fake connected, wannabe guru in need of attention! I do believe it will RV, I do not believe anyone is in the know on date and rate!
  9. it sounds credible because this post is written with intelligence, it is not some spelling error ridden non grammar using fool typing it. unlike countless others. and if a man were to have such knowledge weather the person releasing this info was the man himself or the wife, I would expect both to be more then HS Grad level education. so the shoe fits wear it! Keep the Faith, if we stop believing we would not be here checking on the changes and talking about the dinar! the real question is, lets just assume for every million IQD you have you made 3.5 million, when it plummets to pennies on the dollar again would you RE-INVEST in IQD or be done! do you have the moxey to get back on the longest roller coaster ever? I know I would, but how much reinvestment would depend on how low it went! and to all you haters, it is posted in the rumor section so lets not be to hard on UNEEK. if you don't like it don't read the rumors!
  10. that's better then me going across and not having cash claiming I was going to the strip club, the female CIBP was hot, and says to me "honey don't you know us Canadians like US money? I advise you to go back to Detroit and get american cash from the ATM!" when I went back through the 2nd time I had $4500 and she just smiled and said "have fun!" that was back in the day when 1 us was like 1.40 or so
  11. My wife being canadian I have crossed the border over 200 times in 4 years and I can say that on the declaration for they ask "if you possess foreign currency worth more then 10,000CAD?" they will never be charged and the men will get their dinar back!
  12. poor kid just needs attention.... to bad he is so dam stupid he would not know if he was under federal investigation even after he was indited.... what group is he in that is under federal investigation? I know he is not in Brad Heubners Group in Toledo, Ohio, I was just a listener in that group, but it is my Home city and I know all of the players!
  13. Asiacell said Qatar Telecom, which owns 54 percent of the shares in a statement last week it would sell 67.503 billion shares at a price of 22 Iraqi dinars at least ($ 0.02) per share in the initial public offering, which begins the third Thursday of January. The math works they tel you 67,503,000,000 shares multiply it by .02 for the 1.35 billion they want to raise! The math works! Your looking at it the wrong way... Why do iraqi's that are so poor they have food ration cards, having Asia cell setup a cellular network? They can't afford a cell phone! Also I read an article about this last week, the lead investor is George Soros protege, to sum it up he tried 10 years ago to get people to invest in Iraq, and said it was a hard cell, but over the last year he has had lots more interest from those same people that turned him down 10 years ago! I want to know how did he seek investors to invest in Iraq 10 years ago? We did not invade 10 years ago, it will be 10 years this march! The mission accomplishment way may 1, 2003! And dinar with saddam on it was still used in 2004 until the new Iraqi dinar was printed an put into circulation in late 2004! So again I ask how was he trying to invest in Iraq 10 years ago?.... Maybe he was or George Soros his mentor was part of the framers of the plan? After all George soros broke the banks on uk in the nineties, so why wouldn't he be consulted on how to make a handful of people very rich???
  14. I have not posted in a while but I thought this was news worthy, sorry if it has been posted already! Iraq to Pay Kuwait $500 Million in Few Days to End Air Dispute By Khalid Al-Ansary - Dec 12, 2012 Iraq will pay Kuwait Airways Co. $500 million compensation in a few days to settle a debt dispute, allowing Iraqi Airways to start flights to Europe for the first time since 1990, an Iraqi airline official said. Iraqi Airways will operate flights to the U.K. and Frankfurt by the end of January after state-run Kuwait Airways drops its legal claims against the carrier, Saad al-Khafaji, director general of Iraqi Airways, said in an interview today. The Iraqi airline is also negotiating routes to Kuala Lumpur, he said in Baghdad. Kuwait in October endorsed by decree a deal reached with neighboring Iraq in July to settle the financial dispute “and stop litigations in this regard,” the state-run KUNA news agency reported at the time. Kuwait Airways, being prepared for sale, has been seeking $1.2 billion in compensation for 10 aircraft taken during former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The Kuwaiti airline won a U.K. court order to freeze the Baghdad- based airline’s global assets on April 25, 2010, the same day an Iraqi Airways flight landed in London for the first time in 20 years. Iraqi Airways plans to start a three-year program in 2013 to train at least 500 pilots, according to al-Khafaji. The carrier also plans to build the biggest air training and development institute in the region, and awarded a 30.9 billion- dinar ($26.5 million) contract to Romanian and United Arab Emirates companies as part of a joint venture to build the facility, he said. Boeing Co. (BA) will have a stake in the institute, al-Khafaji said, without disclosing the size. To contact the reporter on this story: Khalid Al-Ansary in Baghdad at To contact the editors responsible for this story: Inal Ersan at; Shaji Mathew at ®2012 BLOOMBERG L.P. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  15. ok I am really have withdraws from the chat room here! Please get it fixed soon before I wonder into OKIES chat!
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