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  1. Thank you ! lol , I clearly posted at the bottom that I did not think this has anything to do with an R.V. but clearly he didn`t have his reading glasses on ! It was in fact more on proving that they had other reasons , But I was still going to go just to give everyone a peace of mind .
  2. IRS Nationwide “Fresh Start” Open House Set for Saturday July 16 IR-2011-75 July 13, 2011 IRS YouTube Videos: Taxpayer Assistance Centers: English | ASL Direct Debit Installment Agreement: English | ASL WASHINGTON –– The Internal Revenue Service will open the doors to dozens of its Taxpayer Assistance Centers across the country this coming Saturday, July 16, 2011, to answer taxpayer questions and provide help with tax filing issues. This special event is particularly intended for people who want to make a “fresh start” by taking steps to have liens withdrawn. It also provides an opportunity to those who cannot visit an IRS walk-in office during regular weekday hours to speak with IRS personnel about their tax issues. A total of 74 Taxpayer Assistance Centers will be open in 34 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time. Taxpayers can find participating offices by visiting the Saturday Service Locations page on “Sometimes taxpayers need one-on-one assistance with their tax issues,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said. “Our goal at these open houses is to provide that and help taxpayers move their issues toward resolution.” At the last two open houses, IRS personnel helped more than 16,000 taxpayers. Services Available The IRS recently adjusted its policies concerning liens by allowing for the withdrawal of a lien when a taxpayer enters into a direct debit installment agreement. In addition to helping taxpayers with liens, the Taxpayer Assistance Centers will offer the same range of services at the open house that they do during regular weekday hours. For example, taxpayers will be able to arrange or make account payments, inquire about letters, notices or levies on wages or bank accounts, request copies of tax returns or transcripts and find answers to tax law questions. Multilingual assistance will be available. No appointments are available for the Saturday open house. Service will be provided on a first come, first served basis. I don`t think this has anything to do with an R.V. but me and my wife thought we would go Saturday just to see !!
  3. It`s been that way for awhile . I dont know why though ?

    RV Done

    It`s a possibility that he may be right. I always give it a 50/50 chance. I`ll be up tonight anyways . I myself always stay hopeful. Hope itself is a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords; but, like all other pleasures immoderately enjoyed, the excesses of hope must be expiated by pain. ~Samuel Johnson

    Turn it up!

    Nobody knows what the rate is going to be , for me its 50/50 it could come out high or low ? I have invested enough to ensure that what ever it comes out at . that I will be fine. After I invested on what I thought would be a safe amount , I stopped buying it. Anyone who says that they know it will come out high is just guessing. On the other side , anyone who says they know its going to come out low , is also guessing. My advice is to get enough to ensure that your family is taken care of no matter where it comes out. Be positive and look at this as an investment and nothing else. If you only double your money you have made a good investment , if your double your money a thousand times over then we all made a great investment. Stay Positive and GO RV !!!
  6. Most people that invested in Dinar from the start have already doubled there money ! In most investments this is very good. If people would look at this as an investment and not a get rich scheme , they would be fine. You never invest more than you can afford. I myself hope they give me one more month just so I can invest just alittle bit more before it RV`s .


    Thanks for the post !!
  8. Scooter in the best , I love the stuff he has put out !! You probably don`t want to trash him in here . Thanks for the post !!
  9. Thanks for the post ,, I myself, am really in high spirits !!
  10. Another Brother in Arms being screwed by the very people he protects and fights for !! Very very sad ! I hope they release him ..
  11. Thanks for the post !!! GO RV !!
  12. This is true , most purchases are in Dollar because of the value or should I say no value of the Dinar. My cousin is over there and said that most Iraqi`s really dont even have alot of Dinar on there person. As far as them stopping currency from being mailed we do the same thing here. In reality we are not allowed to send currency by mail. It has to been done through wiring services or through like a Forex market. When I say mailed I mean USPS not FEDEX OR UPS ...
  13. Thanks for the positive post Bud... I think it is good to hope and be positive . If it goes past the end of the month , so what. We all know that at some point it will RV . People worry to much about the negatives. Just because someone is positive ,Does not mean that they are a pumper . The end of the month is a trigger date. Not saying it will RV , but is a great time and great chance for them to. This site has gone downhill because of the negativity and the pointing fingers at everyone . I love this site and it has great people on it but everyone just needs to calm down . If you have spent well past your means on Dinar and can`t pay your bills , It`s no one elses fault but yours . So do not bring your negative aspects to the board. If your disagree then you can disagree without being negative. Thanks for the post and GO RV !!!!!!!!!!
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