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  1. Yep it was this morning!!! Here's a screenshot:
  2. I don't remember Adam ever saying anything like this before...... WooHoo
  3. Are there normal moments on this ride??? Here is a link to the screenshots:
  4. I have 6 screenshots of it this morning. Each time the #'s are a little bit different though.
  5. Well if this is a "glitch" in their system, it must be a BIG one. This started Sunday and I have watched it jump several times already this morning. Seems to be taking them quite a while to fix a "glitch".
  6. Disappeared with no explanation?? That's weird!!!!!
  7. Did you try the link I just posted above?
  8. Here is a link to my screenshot. Sorry bout the confusion!!
  9. Sorry...trying to get the screenshot smaller
  10. Does anyone know why this keeps jumping? I've seen it several times already this morning!
  11. Please verify me.
  12. Thanks!!!! I really have nothing to share, and although it's only been a few months, I am ready!!! I have perused many other forums and have found this on to be not only the most informative, but also at times the most entertaining!!! Go Dinar!!!
  13. Hi. I am new here. I have held Dinar for about 3 months now and am excited to learn all I can!!! Thanks everyone for all the great posts!!!!
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