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  1. Several years now I've heard this same song and dance! We shall all see it first on forex, if it should ever hit also it will be instant when it does. I don't believe you'll here rumors about how these small countries has RV d with out forex showing it first.
  2. It's fun it's exciting but trust no one I hate to say it ,everything you hear treat it like a kindergarten told you! Just learned the facts Make a decision off what you know to be true.
  3. It's been a while since I have checked in but I'm a longterm invester and still believe this may still bring some sort of profit! I have had communications with some investors that has been involved since the very beginning ,they are still optimistic but not as excited , as they were expecting something sooner. Great things come to those who wait lets hope this ends soon swift and profitable. No real news worth repeating for now!
  4. Hey dinar Family just dropping a line to say hi. Just going to ask keepnwalk or anybody who has been here for a while are we any better of for the rv I've been gone for a while need a quick fix on the latest good or bad! Thanks to all inputs
  5. I have not heard this or read about it di u have link? Thanks
  6. Splice and unitedrich what breath of fresh air good to hear from both of u I read often but post little.
  7. I've been a member but recently became a lifer here at Dinar vets when I done my membership for vip it charged me double I can show u my bill adam if we need to or I can send u fax .please need some assistance. Thanks
  8. Well I honestly remember okie saying its done,its over, done deal the alpha and omega I just don't know if it was him or the let's hope
  9. Hey razor is this it or possibly another good rumor? I can wake our folks up to make calls but I hate to on a maybe rv! Ur thoughts?
  10. I have read okie for years. I hope he's right soon! This ride needs to end ,what say u?
  11. Badge me as well thank u jimctrane Hey dumped were at in ark
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