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  1. rogers and the pack are going to be a force to to deal with for quite some time in the nfc. the bears are on the downward defensivily and cutler is lost in the fog. farve was a great qb one of the best a gunslinger with a ton of passion but now reduced to a joke and that is a shame. GO BEARS GO RV
  2. you don't have to be arrested or convicted to have a scandal around you. big ben is in his prime so teams would deal with the baggage. """"" I said I would rather see him in a in coaching."""""" you did not say coaching most back ups got headsets right. no vick has won nothing neither did marino so what. why would we talk when vick wins something i don't care if he ever wins anything i was just making a comment. yes vick has served his time and has a stigma around him aswell and farve will just be another clown at the circus. but hay man it's just a game.
  3. he will be a distraction to a good eagles team. if vick gets hurt all we will hear is put in farve the coaches will have to deal with added nonsense. he's washed up with a scandal still attached to him. bringing him on board would be a joke and waste of time he's not gonna teach vick a thing two total different kinds of qb's.
  4. come on guys this is past being a joke now it's just sad.
  5. could anyone who has currently finished setting up a warka account help direct me. i have my account numbers and want to fund the account so how do i go about doing this in a way that is as quick as possible. what is the amount i need to keep in the chase account. do i have to email them to complete the transaction. what is the turn around time on this going through. how long till i get access to the warka account via their home page. is their a seperate process to set up the ability to trade on the isx. thank you in advance.
  6. here's a follow up to this post. well i got my account numbers this morning. i had been sending them about 1 email per week and the email they sent with my acct #'s was the original email i sent them. i got a feeling they just go down the line in their in box and they seem to be about a month behind.
  7. i don't know who dr. todd is but this was sent to me in an email. make of it what you will. This was an interesting CC. Dr. Todd talks about history (he worked for the US Gov / CIA in various countries), and about the 17 min mark he mentioned how he has heard that the IQD RV rate will be tied to the GBP. Additionally, at about the 29 min mark till the end there was info about the hold-up in DC, political posturing, and the rate rising over time. Joe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7-21-11 PTR Call MP3 (Volume Leveled and Boosted) with Dr. Pete Todd 52 min. (9 MB) This was a very informative call. They have a couple of economic people, Dr. Pete Todd, who explains the world economics around the RV, what a lot of the "rate" discussion, and other terms mean about the RV, and how the Iraqi RV fits into the world scene. I found this very useful. Practical and grounded. A great call, in my opinion, if you want to be informed.
  8. the media is in the white houses pocket
  9. i don't know who tony is have not followed him the email got me thinking about a post i made earlier i'll repost it below. what are your thoughts i think this is the case. i hear people on this forum say all the time that the u.s.a. can not hold up the rv that it is a iraqi matter and they will go forward when ready. i don't know if that is completely true. the way i see it is we are an invading army occupying a foreign country and have presently secured their land. the u.s. and imf are taking the training wheels off and we are turning it back over to them bit by bit piece by piece and we most definitly want them running their own country and need them to. here is my thought iraq will rv when they want to rv because it is their decision and their country but what if they have already decided to go forward with it then could the u.s. hold it up i think yes. even know we want them to run their country and make their own decisions we do have a big say in what is done because they are still under are control militarily and the dfi protection we hold over them. we still are the big dogs on their block even know we're turning things over to them. what is stated by some is that their is NO WAY the u.s. can be holding this up well thinking logicaly they could have the power to hold it up. if iraq wants to rv and for what ever reason the u.s. the imf or world bank don't want them you telling me we can't stop them from doing it. there has been alot of talk that obama will not sign off on this and i think that could be possible. if anyone one has any facts or thoughts on this let me hear them i'm intrested in how you see it.
  10. this was sent to me via email. make of it what you will. Interesting if true… Joe TONY: NEW INTEL RECEIVED: “PapaJack1952″ [toucan] FROM TONY: NEW INTEL HE RECEIVED: 07/21/2011 (Thanks JJ for emailing this) FROM TONY: NEW INTEL HE RECEIVED: Tony received info this morning that we were correct. The US did send a delegation over to Iraq. They requested to hold off the RV until the debt ceiling was resolved. Iraq, China and other countries went to World court this morning and requested to RV without the US, they want to force it through. In response to the court appearance and documentation received by the US by the court they are trying to resolve the debt ceiling or come to a temporary agreement immediately. Once the agreement or temp agreement has been made the RV will follow. Some countries in the basket with the dinar have also requested to push their own revaluation through.
  11. wonder if their is any genourse dinar holders in arizona
  12. Richard, better known as **** Retta, is an older gentleman who is well known to the pro-life movement for having saved hundreds of lives by offering women assistance and factual information. He is in no way aggressive nor does he block women from entering.”
  13. this is an update to what was posted earlier.
  14. well my irish friends welcome to the club
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