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  1. Why is everyone still here? I thought this was over in February?
  2. Anyone else notice CBI is down? I have not been able to log in for a while now. Probably nothing, but you never know…
  3. Greetings Family, Let's start with the #1 topic on the calls that I dealt with today. In is sad that we even have to start with this........nonsense. First at 8:45 this morning a caller asked : “ whoever …...has just made an announcement that we will only be allowed a short time to cash in our dinars.” How silly is that since Dr. Shabibi has made it very clear since last year that the exchange process and introduction of LD's and collection of any remaining 000's will coexist for at least 10 years. Oh........I didn't know that Frank. Now tell guru whoever
  4. They are a JOKE group of know nothing want to be crook gurus, trying to capitalize on uneducated victims. Do not waste your time reading or listening to them!
  5. here you go buddy!
  6. No, actually we get a laugh at his expense. We have read enough of his post to realize he has limited intelligence, and that he is full of crap. Therefore no one would believe anything he had to say.
  7. December 18, 2011 Message from Phoenix: As you can see in this article Iraqi Vice President Hashemi (member of the Iraqi List which is Allawi's party) has had an arrest warrant put forward for his arrest for terrorist acts within the nation of Iraq. Many will remember that it was Hassemi in the past that vetoed important laws about the election and who has attempted in the past to stop all forward progress in Iraq at all cost. Continues more .. Last week we had a terrorist car bombing in the Green Zone and the car bomb was directed at and intended to kill the Prime Minister of Ira
  8. Not sure if I fully understand your question, but If I do your answer is no!!
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