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  1. Anybody know what happened to LJ and his crew? They don't seem to be on the calls anymore.....
  2. Geez this investment brings some wackos out of the woodwork!!
  3. Sorry.....but that is really reaching....some cars parked early in the morning at a Wells Fargo hardly gets me excited for an RV.
  4. Tears on my keyboard....from laughter!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I have come to the conclusion randalln is insane....or did i just state the obvious??
  6. [ In a statement to say the least it raises the sh1t Thats my favorite line right there.....hilarious!
  7. njuztis


    So, God came to you and told you your going to be rich and drive a 110K car.....yep, that makes a lot of sense. He's your own personal genie...congratulations!
  8. Come on!!! How many times do we have to see this!! This is as old as crap!
  9. I think it was a should've read 117 million 122 thousand.
  10.'s fixed now. They must have been doing maintenance.
  11. He's right!!....the box containing the amount to pay is blank on both currency types. Anybody else seeing this?
  12. Nakida, you are a very beautiful lady. Here is a rose for you on valentines!....... @----->--->-----
  13. ***Note to self: Do not put 125K into Warka bank account.******
  14. Maybe he meant that stench we keep smelling is silent but deadly.....
  15. So going back, it appears the "250" is the cash part of the transaction which may represent 250,000 (not sure but looks that way), the transaction amount was 3,000,000 and the total volume is 3,250,000. It is still very irregular and has not been done like this Dec. of 2010. Don't think it represents an RV, but seeing how low and that it was only 3 banks involved, it could mean they are wrapping things up, but that might just be my wishful thinking. Someone with more knowledge about these auctions would sure be nice to have chime in......
  16. Tamiflyer, do you know what the "250" amount represents by chance? That seems completely out of sync with the rest of the data in the auction.....
  17. CDR, i think you'd have to have been in this a while to understand how big this is. I, for one, am extremely excited about this news. Peeps who have not been in this long won't get it unless you put that your OKIE and that it will RV in the next 5 minutes.
  18.'s a Monday.....again....oh well, I'll hope for the best
  19. I see this site is back to its plagiarizing ways least give credit where credit is due. Guys, come on.... http://don't promote other
  20. I'm confused.....i thought these clowns were on vacation till the 9th of this month. Why are we seeing news of them doing work? Man, the misdirection these guys constantly throw at us.
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