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  1. I'll go away so you ALL don't find yourself living a life of absolutely hell. I've already looked at 3 of you, and you're getting ready to catch it. God says, BE not deceived HE will not be mocked. Whatsoever you sew is what you shall reap. If you weren't sure, it would have been better to have said NOTHING at all! Take care, All and God BLESS the true believers... The Prophet (oh, and one final thought...I knew the car comment was coming before it came. I've already seen your destruction. YOU should be careful. AND all others who lined up with such foolishness, REPENT for the hand of GOD is in your midst. Take care!)
  2. You guys are evil. Its a shame God is giving his money to a bunch of devils. Its important to know who's in your midst. MOEJoe, thank you for the warm words. ALL OTHERS...WATCH what you say to me, I am the one that's covered. BE CAREFUL when blaspheming a prophet. Lord, have mercy on THEIR souls. God's peace...
  3. I've been predicting the 14.00 rate since the beginning. We'll see how close I get! I'm not usually perfect with numbers but I'm usually pretty close. TAKE CARE, ALL!! With LOVE, the Prophet.
  4. LuvLove2


    What's pathetic is that you would be on here, taking advantage of a gift from God and not be a TRUE believer. I hope you do something worthwhile with it.
  5. LuvLove2


    You can ask me questions. I will respond. It doesn't have to be Dinar related. (I'll have to figure out how to work this thing first) - The person who reading this who has the relative that's sick, they will get better! God bless...
  6. LuvLove2


    This is my FIRST time posting publicly about the Dinar. I am a Prophet. Yesterday, I told a fellow Prophet I would be buying her a Silver Mercedes TODAY! She told me she had a dream about the SAME car the night before. I asked if it was silver with black interior...she said, YES! How did you know??? I said, come on now...YOU know we talk to God. I went to the local lot and got the purchase slip for the car. I met with the Sales DIRECTOR. HE knew about the IQD and was VERY excited for me! He said, pick out one for yourself. YOU will be back tomorrow! I laughed and chose a BEAUTIFUL 110k white one. I said, come on now! I drive an Altima. He said, NOT after tomorrow! OK>>>I said ALL this to say ONE thing! TRUST in GOD for he knows those things which are to come. When I called the prophet back to tell her the car should be ready TODAY, she! WED is the day of her 31st wedding anniversay. GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU ALL! Go RV AND DO IT GOD!!!
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