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  1. Again I think some people do not get it.. If ONE of his parents (mother OR father) are a US citizen you are a naturalized US citizen at birth. I was born in Germany, one parent US, one German, and I was a US citizen from birth, as was President Obama... President Obama was vetted and you would think that the republican party researched and spent millions of $$ verifying this or they would have had him pulled from the ballot if any of it could be prooven to be UN-constitutional. A specific Religion is NOT a specific requirement for presidency. We have the right to worship as we please, EVERYONE, free from persecution (unless you are a currently disgruntled republican, or a prejudiced person).
  2. Ridiculous title, Even in the story it quotes the president's response, this has nothing to do with Pres. Obama as it was in Algeria. I am not pleased with his policies either, but at least I am not making up or stretching everything out there to seem like his fault. Posts like the one above just makes the far right look very foolish and extreme. Txcountryman - ALL of the terrorists were killed...should we go after their families and kill them as well? What about any pets they may have owned? Tell me in your wisdom since it is obvious that the USA has done nothing what YOU would suggest being done here in this situation? I also await the NEGS I will obviously get for disagreeing and making a questioning post that differs slightly with the views of the far extreme right
  3. I hope it happens! If it does!! YeaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyY!!!!!!!!! If it does not, I'll still hold on to my Dinars and wait some more, and keep watching here. I WILL NOT make investments, go buy any new cars, trucks, guns, houses, yachts, artwork, land, or jewelry. I hope tomorrow comes still and I'll look forward to the next hill in this fun Roller coaster Ride where I have met a lot of you! Keep up all the posts, songs, pics, theories, rumors, and guru advise, and I'll keep amusing myself until, the event happens. Afterwards I'll still enjoy this site, and all the other nut~balls that are just as insane as I was to invest in this much fun!
  4. Even Better Argument~ I bet you have posted something like this before too Gas Prices High I guess you would be one of the sore loosing republicans out there No matter how much you believe it does not make it a fact
  5. To start off I am not a big Obama fan, but I have a question for all the Romney supporters that are angry at the outcome... IF Romney was so good, and did such a great job, why did not even the state he is from and Governed vote a majority for him? They know his policies and his actions the best. They STILL did not vote for him. Makes you wonder why... I see people blaming the president for Bengazi, gas prices, and other such stuff where he has NO CONTROL. I wish these "educated" people would spend as much time learning about politics, and how, and whom controls what, before spouting off their intelligence and blaming the president. He is just an easy target for a bunch of angry people blindly attacking anyone they can for mistakes made by earlier presidents, and congress. Economics 101 ~ Again this should be easy for all the educated Romney followers. It takes YEARS for a large financial policy to show effects. Nothing happens in days, or months, that is sustainable. REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT it does not matter!!! It will not happen fast or easy. Go to your local high school, college professor, hell even economic student... they will all tell you the same. Gas is a commodity that is traded all over the WORLD!! The price per barrel is set by the guys in Wall Street, and the other world markets...not the White House, or president. I see too many people putting down others for voting how they choose, and for whom they choose. This is our right as Americans!!! EVERYONE! Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them stupid, wrong, dumb, or any other derogatory name you can think of. If you spent 1/2 as much time trying to constructively get points across, or even talking to people, hell if Romney would have been more honest, and a little more transparent, I bet Romney would have won. So the only people you have to the right to be mad at is the Republican Party for choosing a bad candidate that could not even win the state he is from for president. Of course I now await the NEGs from all the mad @ loosing republicans >>>
  6. It is not taxes, it is the hourly pay. Because of fair pay, and minimum pay a US worker is paid more in a week than many of the chinese will make in a month. They work for less $, and suffer poor working conditions. it sounds awful, but that saves the Mfg lots of $$. THAT is why it is cheaper, not because if taxes...
  7. PP, My condolences... I recently put down a Doberman of ours (9yrs old) and it was so hard to do... I thought I was a toughie, but my wife handled it better than me. We were lucky as it was done for us by a local vet at our house and it was very peaceful. I wish you the best luck, and hope you are able to adopt another wonderful small family member soon in the future to keep showering the love upon. There are ones out there that need caring people like you to show them how life should be...filled with care, love, and understanding! as Steve stated above spend as MUCH quality time as you can now and take pictures! K~
  8. Still crying..OMG that was funny!
  9. Thanks you Sheepdog for your information. +1 I have read up a little about SBA now and it mirrors what you say. The sinning part is where you lost me as that is your opinion, and your belief...there are many that might not share the same ideology. I read the "gurus" here for comic relief, and will be happy when and if I get the call from Adam. Of course I hope sooner rather than later, but I am also realistic that I do not think there will all of a sudden be 100,000+ more millionaires in this world from this one investment...I will be pleasantly surprised, but I am optimistically grounded that if I make a few thousand I'll still be happy with my investment Take care~
  10. I have noticed this number changing a few points here and there but it stays very close to the 1166 mark...Always a good thing to keep an eye on the MAIN Bank that controls our future fortunes *fingers crossed* GO RV!
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