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  1. I noticed that you weren't offended by E. Warrens sexual indiscretions like you claim about Trumps. Not a one of those 5 mentioned by the Prof. Have a shred of morality in them. Where's your vitriolic disgust for them?
  2. We live today in the Church Age, where Jesus commanded we ,"Turn the Other cheek". And "To love your enemies,....and pray for them ". Having said that I know doing so is much easier than saying. I myself have taken a vow of non violence but that is not something everyone can do. You're also right that when Christ returns he will indeed have a sword and will definitely be of the mind for some gratuitous killing. But I think you're probably forgetting that will happen after the end of the Church Age. Matthew 24:14 At that time the world will revert back to days like unto before the Church Age. Remember, The Church Age began when the Holy Spirit was given to live INSIDE man. But with the Last Trump, the Trumpet of God will sound..... 1st Corinthians 15:52 And just like that, "He who restrains....will be taken out of the way " 2nd Thessalonians 2:7 Also let us not forget it was because of violence that God flooded the Earth. Genesis 6:11 This should tell us what he thinks of violence.
  3. Now that's been a fantasy of mine for years, seeing liberals sail away over the edge of Gods glorious FLAT earth until they fall off into oblivion
  4. History repeats itself because few learn from the past. But in this time history has come full circle and is giving us something that the world has never seen before. How you vote has finally become irrelevant. Daniel 9 The question is, when are we? The Future is Now. Trump is NOT Hitler, and absolutely no one understands who or what he is. 1sr Corinthians 15:52
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