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  1. Interesting, I have a question Master Yota, is this news source a reliable source or one with questionable ties to Iran?
  2. I was just thinking, "he hasn't been around my house lately ". But Master Yota knows he's more than welcome.
  3. Powerful and something that I will watch repeatedly from time to time.
  4. You haven't a CLUE where I stand as far as Trump is concerned. And You know full well that I call MURDER - MURDER. I give zero tolerance for lame and inconvenient excuses as to the reasons for the murder. The man I've become today couldn't even be the Marine I was yesteryear, Because I refuse to take a life. FOR ANY REASON!!!!!!! "There's enough others willing to murder, I just want to save lives". God will justify in the end. Please don't call me out again. I am doing all I can to stay out of the political arena.
  5. @Botzwana No offense taken by me. I really was just trying to make a joke and lighten things up. I haven't a clue if or when this will happen. But I suspect if it is going to happen this thing with Iran is a major part of what we all want to see. We all know that Iran and their conhorts in the Iraqi government have been the biggest problem all along.
  6. OMG, I Don't know about my Friend @Synopsisbut for me consider it satirical ramblings. Seems things were getting a little hot up in here. Truth of the matter is we could have an RV tomorrow or another 14 years from now, so just roll with it folks.
  7. I predict an RV in the next 30 days But I'm so dang depressed about the possibility of flying a cruise missile up the Ayatollah buttcheeks. It just seems like such a waste of a $1000000 missile.
  8. That "Boat " that's sinking is Humanity. Because of hatred we will all loose. Just let it go, both Trump supporters and Trump haters. Let it go.
  9. When Iran's terrorist regime is taken out the Middle East will have peace and stability like the world has never seen. This will be a very short war. Well it's good to see Iraq has gotten into the fake news Arena also. It's really amazing how President Trump gets the low life scum rats to come out from the Shadows. These fake news stories about how bad Exxon Mobil leaving Iraq is are just that fake news. Coming from a terrorist Regine that knows they're about to be history.
  10. You didn't show how being conned automatically equals hatred, you only vomit more hatred. It's so truly sad that we've all come to this place. In the end we will all loose.
  11. So how does being conned automatically make one a hater?
  12. Please explain to us how being controlled by anyone automatically makes you a hater. It might make you a puppet but not a hater.
  13. Ya know I've been gone for Lent. I decided that after Lent I would do all I can to stay out of Political conversations. But I find myself here reading what is posted, {acceptable by site standards}, feeling sorry for certain posters. After more than 40 days, the hatred of a man simply because you don't like or agree with his political views not only continues but it seems oblivious to those hating the error of their ways. This is truly saddening. At what point do we simply just trust whatever God we believe in to take care of us? At what point do we let go of the hate and just live our lives? At what point do we think about the friends that we've all made here and consider those friends who have lost those they loved the most, recently? At what point do we pray for those among us that have recently been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer? At what point do we pray for each other? There are those among us who we've all come to know for nearly a decade who are now suffering in the most severe manner. Every question that I just asked literally represented well known members of this community. And yet here we are still hating someone that we really don't know. And for what reason? What is really important to you? #To hell with the hate.I choose to LOVE
  14. Now that's just funny. After a long and rugged day at work it's really nice to come home and read something funny and lighthearted.
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