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  1. Go ahead everyone and sell, listen to the fear and hype that we were all warned about. Doing this is simply ignoring the numbers and will cause thousands to miss the real boat
  2. I'm sorry, but this would matter if we still had a Justice Department in America.
  3. Sorry That's Not what Trey said. Basically he feels that all the DD about AMC has been done. So he's wanting to teach more about the stock market in general. He was the first one to say something along those lines and it seems everyone else is following. Treys reasoning was that he feels he's not giving enough to the community. This is FAR from getting out.
  4. They know that 95 % of the world population is a bunch of mind numb idiot's easily led to their own slaughter.
  5. It's possible! Which is why I only BET as much as I'm willing to loose. In the off chance I could be a part of a revolution that collapses the DEMONIC control these evil institutions have over us, I'd be willing to loose a few thousand dollars. Besides if'n it happens I'll be able to buy a LOT MORE SILVER.
  6. That's so sweet. I met my Beloved wife in Country Kitchen, she was my waitress. I'll let your imagination go from there On August 21st that'll be 11 years ago we were married. 💝💜💖💕💚💙
  7. Until everyone wakes up and realizes that COVID is what they call the Flu virus the government will have total control over us;. When I realized that evil corps. like Blackrock were involved I knew that this was going to go big. They smell blood in the water and there is no honor among thieves. But the thing that has really shocked me as I've studied what is going on is the level of corruption. I truly believe now that nothing is what it seems. We will make allot of money here but how much difference will that make in a world gone to hell? Another thing, with the evil corps now getting in by the millions of dollars I doubt this will go down as we wish. Those corps don't need $100,000 to make a HUGE profit. They are buying up all the naked and fake shares out there. At something like one to two thousand they stand to make billions. What happens when SUDDENLY they sell off? A huge crash in the price. Yeah the Apes will still be left holding 85% of the real shares but Citadel will most likely be bankrupt by then. And if you're truly believing that some government agency will buy your shares because Citadel can't then you're living in a dream world. The thing that I've learned in the last two years is that government doesn't give a crap about us. In fact they mean to kill as many of us as they can. Which is EXACTLY why you can't take anything out of your 401k until they say you can.
  8. I don't know Shabbs, how many IP addresses do you have? Again I cannot communicate with you so please understand that this will be my last response EVER to you. Not nearly as much as you.
  9. yota691 gave Shabibilicious a warning for this post Sorry about your luck Son but I tried to warn you If you DID learn something then you would still be able to post here. NOTE TO MEMBERS Presenting a different opinion on any subject is not only permitted but encouraged. HOWEVER, abuse of forum rules will no longer be tolerated. Respect your fellow members and PLAY NICE
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