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  1. Police willingly following the unconditional orders of Communist politicians. Why does Trump not stop this? Look closely, driver racing to get away from rioters. No one gets hurt but his car is destroyed. DRIVER GETS ARRESTED
  2. Alright I've FREAKING have had it. Everyone is waving their flags promoting their side claiming the other side to be evil, and you people don't even see the evil before you. The leftists are burning down cities and attacking people in the streets. Having people arrested over a STUPID MASK. And the right are believing that God sent us Trump to save America and bring LAW AND ORDER. If Trump is for law and order then why the hell is Hildabeast and her wennerless husband not in jail? Why isn't Comey, Brennan, Struck and the rest of the treasonous people not in jail?
  3. You're correct, The Democratic Communist party is the only people burning down cities, murdering Trump supporters in the streets, and DEMANDING that we all force Trump out of office or suffer their complete wrath. Meanwhile, the opposition is lining themselves up as a great peaceful king of the world. And what is everyone arguing about? Like fighting dogs attacking each other for a scrap of food from the table, all the while the Master is preparing to take his children and go to a much better table. Your world has already changed and all of creation is about to figure
  4. with every post you make you show nothing but ignorance. The Democratic Communist Party has more historically in common with the Nazi's that anything since Hitler. Even their BLM and Antifa wings of the party are exactly like Hitler's Brown shirt's. But everyone here knows that you have no clue who that is. As you know not a Trump supporter. And now I must seriously ask you, do you REALLY think that the Democratic Party has moral character? If only you felt that way about the unborn babies.
  5. Shiite!!!!!!! You should take a better look at my girls, HOTTEST GIRLS ALIVE. So you gonna call me a pervert too?
  6. And here I thought you were gonna post a bunch of well endowed bikini-clad super HOT Mamasitas. Oh well, guess I'll have to settle for being a muti millionaire
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