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  1. I didn't point you out, someone else did. I simply committed to what you said, if for no other reason than you made comments to me which lead me to believe we both would remain a respectful example for everyone else. Fret not my friend, I understand how easy it is to slip up.
  2. I can understand how you would think that EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Rush Limbaugh just cut off a caller who started talking about this, because he doesn't want the Democrats to realize what is about to hit them. Resorting to insults is evidence that you've lost the debate. Yes it is! And it's another sign that someone has lost the debate.
  3. I'm beginning to think these swamp dwelling idiots of the establishment in DC are never going to understand who or what they are dealing with in Donald Trump. This just keeps getting gooder and gooder everyday.
  4. I found irrefutable proof that Trump colluded with Russian Agents. Just for you @Shabibilicious
  5. More of what liberals support.
  6. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Amazing Acts of Love

    If this Doesn't make you Cry Tears of Joy then you may not have a Soul.
  7. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Pelosi.......State of the Union

  8. A Mexican Street Gang! YEAH LIBS, GO ON SUPPORTING OPEN BOARDERS. Sooner or later it could be YOUR CHILD.
  9. These Liberals are really off the chain, Which only makes me think that Q, is for real
  10. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Earth's Magnetic North Pole Has Begun Shifting 'Erratically'

    Bush is sooooooo yesterday, Everything is Trumps fault today, he's the Antichrist don't ya know
  11. I have to say when this goes down this month I'm not going to be surprised.
  12. Never Forget to Pray...................... Because 1/100th of a Second Faster and You could Be FACE TO FACE WITH GOD
  13. I've several Liberal acquaintances in My World, Whom I Treat with the Utmost Respect Everyday. But in My Mind........... THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR

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