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  1. I just wanted you to know that your heart shows your Humanity. MEGA MILLION 08-09-11-19-43-MEGA BALL 08 Power Ball 27-30-37-54-58-PB-11
  2. According to you NOTHING in the bible has any MEANING whatsoever. It's all just a construct of men to control the masses.
  3. You know, I must aqueous to the scientific superior intellect here. Again it is I, "The Hypocrite", and my HATRED of anyone that doesn't think like me. Please forgive me my indiscretion. I've seen the light. And that's all modern day scientists really care about.
  4. Repeatedly you display to everyone here your desire to only see what you want to see. Even in the face of reality. I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER. I personally think he's the Antichrist and that is why I KNOW he will destroy the Luciferians and the Democratic Communist party. Because in doing so he will LITERALLY be seen as a god by most everyone on earth. At present time people already say he was sent by God to save us. They make statues of him and riot in the streets of foreign countries for him. You think this is natural? WAKE UP BROTHER, This is the endgam
  5. I remember this well as you and I went back and forth on whether or not it affected Georgia. It did, but you prefer to believe the lying LAME STREAM MEDIA.
  6. Metaphorically speaking, you beat everyone here daily with your "planks" of LSM Propaganda pieces.
  7. What should really break your cookie is that it went EXACTLY where he said it would. Almost supernatural.
  8. NOPE, Jesus Christ is. Awe, want me to call you a Wambalance I think you have been hanging around Joe Biden too much. It's beginning to rub off on you.
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