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  1. SILVER!!!!!!!! The real money This situation will begin in America this year, you can bet on it.
  2. The Democratic Communist Party is in bed with the Satanic religion of Islam. And somehow people like @Shabibilicious and his sidekick liberals think this is a good thing I'm so sick and tired of these so called elites {they're not elite, there just Thugs} and their murder and mayhem. The whole world is about to explode and the lunatics' are loving it.
  3. That's a Ball Faced LIE and you know it. The COWARDS of the SCOTUS never even listened to a single case. But I understand your mistake because you listen to SHITE news and regurgitate stupid lies. Which is why you're using an entire thread to attack something you don't even know the name of. It's not QAnon, It's just Q. The Anons are those who read Q's drops.
  4. I was referring to the thieves that steal elections like Nancy Pi$$loosy and the entire democratic Communist party.
  5. Calling the Democratic Communist party "Militia members" is just plain wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  6. The real question is, why does anyone listen to those MORONS?
  7. I have some independent thoughts here. I will go into much more detail later on in a new thread titled, "SENTINEL" #the event horizon Don't know about the 4th but I will bet everything I own that by the end of the year with the ensuing worldwide financial catastrophe 90% of the world's population will be screaming for Trump to take over. The damage has been done. The death throes of the Fiat Ponzi scheme are just beginning. And guess who allowed the Democratic Communist party to steal the election, leaving them at the Helm when it all falls apart? Trum
  8. We live in a time when it has become clear that nothing our government says can be trusted and everything we hear from the media must be interpreted by that which our hearts tell us. For example, When you see a headline like the one below. One must measure the recent events that we know of and consider the political dispensation of deceit in which we live, then read between the lines. The most anti American party claiming to want to "CLEAN UP" the world from capitalist pollution and implement their 'New Green Deal' just loosened up mining restrictions so as to pr
  9. Thank you Brother Adam. But the Kudos go to you. I probably would never have started down the path of studying investments had you not created DinarVets. Everyone should know how their lives have impacted others to the good
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