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  1. Respectfully, If you can't or won't see Islam for the evil it is, then that's on you. I draw only one comparison between Islam and "my neighbors" as you put it. That being "my neighbors" have turned their backs on God and now become "the rider on a pale horse. These riders will do far more than just kill you if you ignore their evil. But it's not my place to judge them and therefore I don't hate any individual. I merely am exposing their evil. And I can Assure you that God has, and will continue to, reward me beyond measure. Romans 1:22
  2. I didn't stab you in the back, I outed you publicly. And if you think I care enough about you to be offended by your name calling then you are sadly mistaken. Not even worth reporting.
  3. Absolutely NOT. Shabbs and I are Brothers. Says the guy negging EVERYONE in this thread. I can see who's giving the rubies, so unless you've been hacked it is you. And I won't call you because members phone numbers, while visible to Mods, is meant to be secret. My email on the other hand has been made public for quite some time.
  4. You should know you little hypocrit. Negging me for "???" in this thread, and just now for saying "I went through...." his last 50 post. Your call me a Coward for something I didn't do and turn around and do the same thing. Furthermore, I quit posting my thoughts because of LOOSERS like you and B/A. You crybabies complain about rubies and accuse people of not wanting to debate while your only desire is to stifle debate. YOU GROW UP!
  5. Just thinking of you Adam 😁😁😎😎😄😄😄😂😂😂
  6. That's because when they've gotten pi$$ed off enough, they'll just pull out their guns and ELIMINATE THE THREAT.
  7. The God of Dinar....... Dinar (Roman Sea God Neptune) Or maybe.........
  8. How's about we start calling the Democratic Socialists Party and their followers (ALL OF THEM) What they really are............. Satanists, Child Pedophiles desiring to bring the end of America. Through this they can create the complete chaos that the Islamic caliphate believes will be the advent of the AntiChrist. Problem is, HE'S ALREADY HERE.
  9. I just went over your last 50 post and only found 2 rubies.
  10. Please Forgive me this error. I meant no harm. Furthermore, as I stated my intention was not to convert you or even persuade you. But only to answer the questions I believed you asked of me. I'm past the point of attacking someone for having a different view than me. Sorry if I misunderstood your position. I wish no hard feelings between us and I respect your opinion.
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