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  1. To amend above post $1M Dinar, $15 shipping will be limited to continental U. S. A. Thanks, gamblinkid
  2. Selling new/unused $1M Dinar($25,000 X 40ea) for $900 + $15 Shipping= $915. Please use PayPal only. Thanks, gamblinkid. Correspond email:
  3. Among one of my favorites/ Also love Ella Fitzgerald & Dave Brubeck.
  4. Totally agree with Death Penalty for Cop AND First Responder killers! I'm not sure the libs will allow public hangings but we ought to be able to speed the trial process, convictions, sentencing and execution to less than 30 days.
  5. Really glad to hear positive news!!!!! Will buy a bottle of best Bourbon $$$ after cashing dinars. God bless our active (and retired) service people and first responders; they allow me to sleep well at night!
  6. Love Warren Buffett & his investment strategies. Is the correct date of interview 10/29/17? He discussed his 2016 return.
  7. gamblinkid

    Go Iraq

    Probably totally unrealistic. On the other hand, what Public releases would you send if you were in there shoes?
  8. gamblinkid here: I'll try once. #= 20, 27, 44, 55, 56 w PB=6
  9. Having heard part of it on TV, he gives an important peace message for all races and creeds.
  10. W/o checking WSJ, this sounds like the exact thing Iraq needs to help build infrastructure. Let's pray the leaders can funnell some of the wealth to the "working class".
  11. Glad to hear the latest info.
  12. Loved this, littlesam. Extremely talented!!
  13. How can I sent out to my e-mail list? Can't seem to forward.
  14. Date Jan. 2 or Feb 1? What positive results came of this meeting?
  15. Thanks for great info!!! Also, American Express offers optional travel/flight insurance at $9.95 per trip; use this instead of airline insurance.
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