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  1. I truly loved this. I Love our flag and what it stands for. Thanks for posting it in this thread.
  2. Luv Ya Nam.!!!!!!... Thanks for being there for our friend, and Thanks for the well wishes for the New Year...
  3. Thank You Umbertino, and Merry Christmas to you and yours also. May it be very special for you...
  4. Happy Birthday Bumper... Have a special day...
  5. Happy Veterans Day to all.. .. Thanks for sharing Moose57 shall we never ever forget what every part of our military has done and still doing. What an honor to have been here at this site with many who served.
  6. Im so sorry to hear of your family's loss Pattyangel. I will lift you and your family up in my prayers and pray for you brother also. You are an amazing and strong person and an Angel. This is for you because I know you are proof of love and compassion and strength, Love You.
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