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  1. If the government of Iraq allowed someone who has been convicted to death of the killings of over 200+ men, women and children by terrorist bombings the people would be outraged. Who in their right mind would think in the midst of all of the violence and killing in Iraq right now that a person sentenced to death for terrorism will be forgiven and allowed back in Iraq?
  2. "Maliki and Iran had a connection in the Al Qaida prison break last week." 100% Uninformed BULLSH*T! 1. Maliki was the one who put many of them in prison. 2 Al Qaida hates Maliki and has tried to kill him in the past. By the above erroneous statements it is obvious that this Bulldog person has no grasp of the basic facts.
  3. I have been looking for the full was in that interview posted and was aired on RT this morning. If you can find that FULL interview it is in there as I watched it myself. It looks like the press is putting restrictions on it so it is not aired in the US.
  4. His father reported that the US Government wanted him to travel to Russia to convince his son to return to the US. So Snowden's father asked that the US Government promise to give his son a fair trail and they refused to agree to put that in writing. They only said they would not kill or torture his son if he comes back but no guarantee of a fair trial!
  5. US Federal Tax Liability: Expat Tax USA When moving overseas, one of the biggest questions many have concerns Expat Tax. Unfortunately, America is one of a handful of countries that vigorously pursues taxes worldwide – so don’t expect to avoid a U.S. tax debt by moving overseas. As a matter of fact, you’re not even allowed to give up your U.S. citizenship to eliminate a tax obligation. Be aware that America has tax treaties with over 42 countries where the IRS and the foreign tax agencies exchange tax data on their residents. Many Americans think because they’re earning money in another count
  6. That is because the currencies you see listed with changes are reflecting the dropping US dollar. Dollar is going down.
  7. Short version: There will be no RV. It will start at the current rate. It will take maybe 2 years to get to 1-1 at a slow rise. It should start the slow rise any day now.
  8. If not less. If what these guys are saying happens with no RV and a slow grow over years then forget the dinar it will be a loss.
  9. Did you even read that? You say "GO RV!" You do know that chat says NO RV right? They are saying there will be no RV and it will take years to rise in value. The place will be in flames before that happens.
  10. "Kaperoni Moderator: Keep in mind articles today imply the CBI is following the IMF directions. So the float should begin soon. Though Saleh makes these statements, the dinar needs to rise so the people settle down. I expect this to start any day." Bullsh*t! So this guy kaperoni is saying they are going to do a float that will start at the current rate and go up slow over 1-2 years? If that were the case they would be doing it right now. A few years ago many of us watched the CBI move the IQD a pip higher in value every single day! If they were going to do it like Kaperoni is saying t
  11. This is going to explode into total warfare and when that happens kiss your Iraqi Dinar goodbye.
  12. Adam, there are persons saying that the IQD will never RV but start off as a float at the current rate of .1160 and take 2 years to get to 1 to 1. Do think the IQD will float at the current rate and do a slow rise over years?
  13. Massive civil war coming. If so kiss all your Iraqi investments goodbye.
  14. "There are known facts that the Maliki govenment was directly linked to instigating the prison breaks and a stand down of the guards and lack of military support to allow them to occur. They also know there is a plan to gain more young recruits from Iraq to fight Assad in Syria." 100% BULLSH*T! To start off the people who escaped from prison in Iraq were Al-qaeda who are enimies of Maliki and the Iraqi government and want Maliki dead so why in the world would he have anything to do with it? Next Maliki is a friend of Assad and the Syrian government and would not send fighters
  15. Like it or not it is true. The United States is on the side of the terrorist! President Obama OKs Shipment of Arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria President Obama has given the green light to the shipping of weapons from the United States to opposition forces in Syria. In a statement released by Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, the White House claims that “our intelligence community assesses that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin.” The Syrian government’s purported use of a chemical weapon, the pre
  16. Here you go: "Iraq’s central bank has reportedly placed private bankWarka Bank under guardianship to supervise it through insolvency." Definition of 'Insolvency'When an individual or organization can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lender or lenders as debts become due. Insolvency can lead to insolvency proceedings, in which legal action will be taken against the insolvent entity, and assets may be liquidated to pay off outstanding debts.
  17. Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 51 BAGHDAD (AP) — A wave of over a dozen car bombings hit central and southern Iraq during morning rush hour on Monday, officials said, killing at least 51 people in the latest coordinated attack by insurgents determined to undermine the government. The blasts, which wounded scores more, are part of a months-long surge of attacks that is reviving fears of a return to the widespread sectarian bloodshed that pushed the country to the brink of civil war after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. Suicide attacks, car bombings and other violence have killed m
  18. They are still in receivership of the CBI and have been for well over a year...maybe close to 2 years. All of their funds are frozen. People can put money into Warka but no one can get any out. Their stock was halted 2 years ago and may never trade again. You cannot buy it or sell it.
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