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  1. I'm sure the majority of people who bought dinar can afford to lose it, but there are plenty who have been irresponsible and bought with money they can't lose and have /continue to sacrifice needs in order to purchase dinar.
  2. The kid is 100% correct . . . Maliki was terrible. We gave and continue to give weapons to ISIS and other fanatical rebels. There are 27 (?) unclassifed pages of the 9/11 report that Bush and Obama refuse to release. Which congressman who have read it say it has changed how they see the world and US history as fed to the public. So what exactly did he say that was wrong? Our government is corrupt to the core.
  3. 100% correct. Who, the gurus or Iraq? . . . or both?
  4. Saw a cute little movie, The Legend of Lock Lomond. Apparently this is an old song in Scotland.
  5. Man, you sure make a lot of judgments on people you don't know. In this case, an entire society. Wasn't that what you were accusing others of doing? Cries for justice? Justice will be served. Perp will be in jail for life. Angry protests? Protest against whom? Thugs on the street? Quite impossible . . . You can protest/petition government. You can't protest/petition against those who don't care . . . who knows though, government is a bunch of thugs anyway.
  6. I believe you misunderstand. I didn't say you were corrupt or abusive . . . I also have two good friends who are cops and my best friends father was a cop. I know all cops are not bad and I know the majority are good. But what I don't like is when people get upset simply because you question the motives of someone who is a cop. A cop is no better than anyone else. They are neither more honest or upstanding simply for being a cop. I've never needed a cop and have never been arrested. I mind my business. If there ever comes a time I need the services of the police, Ill make sure to thank them,
  7. Fair enough. But if it's true that Gray had sever spinal injuries, that implies the injury was caused by someone other than Gray himself . . .according to an expert on Fox News. I've never gone out of my way to thank a cop just like Ive never gone out of my way to thank my garbage man. When the service is rendered in my presence, than I give a thanks. No need to kiss butt. Regardless, I don't need to put on a badge to form an opinion and frankly, don't care to. But I'm glad you notice a double standard. There are those who think cops are automatically innocent (heck, if it weren't for
  8. Tell me about it. Supporting police brutality is never a cool thing. What are you even talking about. Who in this thread is judging all cops or saying they're useless or all corrupt? Police brutality is police brutality and it does exist, regardless if you believe it or not. Are you saying all cops are wonderful people? I honestly don't care if your brother is a cop or not. If he is a good, law abiding, no abusive cop, prayers out to him. If he misses any of these qualities, he's scum and should be stripped of his badge. Same with any citizen, cop or not. Sarcasm, eh? Are you on
  9. Exactly, Maggie! People are so quick to defend cops no matter what as if all cops are saints: they're not. Since January, multiple cops have been indicted on murder charges for just about executing suspects. This story reeks of police brutality, unless you want to believe that a guy can so easily break his own neck. I don't believe there was any racism invovled by the cops considering three of them were black, but there definitely is a hint of racism by some who are critical of the residents of baltimore.
  10. Are you people seriously defending the cops? Instead of concentrating on this being a stupid "race" issue and being herded like sheep into the left/right, liberl/conservative, black/white paradigm. How about concentrate on it being a police brutality issue. Because that's what it is: a police brutality issue. These cops committed a crime. They should be punished. Being defending the cops are being unreasonable and so are the people claiming it's racism.
  11. Why would you want to send your money to Warka? They don't respond to emails and nobody has been able to withdraw their money. Would you give your money to a bank in the UK that refused to give you back your funds??
  12. Why is the warka application process still pinned knowing all the trouble Warka is causing people?
  13. I sold all my physical dinar and moved to the ISX . . .
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