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  1. Creepy. Creepy is someone who thinks they know the truth....but does not. You girls late for FOX news? Just listen to my radio show tonight for the truth.
  2. We have the evidence against the frauds and fakes. Even against those who came to expose the gurus! LOL! busted one and all! The point is this... You MUST only do your own due diligence, Or you are a fool.
  3. Crazy huh? But dig this....I came up with the pharse "cooll beans" back in 1983 Kind of unjust as I have been the ex poser of fakes...
  4. Hello all.... Tis I "coolbeans" I came to announce I have been a fraud... I have been posting here at DV for years as the false name of "Cool beans" I am in fact the very person who coined the phrase "cool beans" And....I have been a member of DV under another well known name for years. So....who is...."cool beans"?
  5. So the high level delegation who traveled to Germany to prove Talibani's status have been denied access. If this guy is dead it will be huge.
  6. Warka is still under receivership of the CBI because of bankruptcy, Until something is announced and resolved by the CBI on Warka bank no money comes out of accounts. Strange thing about it is people can put in all the money they want and some have put in 100's of thousands of dollars only to find all accounts are blocked from any withdraws. On fellow investor with over $100,000 in Warka has been trying for over 2 years to get even $1 back with no luck. He even went to a lawyer who after investigating the facts told him there was nothing he could do about it. Best of luck t
  7. It may but that would be after the fact and if found exonerated by a judge. It could change the standing in some counts but only after charges are considered and reviewed by the judge and or jury. That disclaimer may protect from federal criminal charges (maybe) but would not protect from civil charges of harm done. So the disclaimer might keep them out of jail but it will not keep them out of court. Besides no one knows what was said/promised between parties (gurus and recaps) until phone/text records and e-mails are reviewed. And that because of the Patriot Act could have ha
  8. BREAKING NEWS!! Dinar Recaps forms Strategic Alliance with Federal Fraudsters Tony and Ray Renfrow (TNT Dinar) Tony Refrow (TNT Dinar/Turbo Tony) and Ray Renfrow (RayRen98) both facing Federal Charges as well as ongoing Federal Investigations into additional charges relating to intentional investment misinformation/fraud "for gain", continue their fraudulent activities with the aid of Internet Report "Dinar Recaps LLC". The current Federal charges against Tony Renfrow date back to investment schemes for which he has been formally charged in 2012 (see notations). Additional claims relating
  9. The tip of the iceburg. D inar R ecaps the owner and people who work for DR are in deep trouble. The terms "racketeering" and "wire fraud" come to mind. D inar R ecaps is one big "perp walk" waiting to happen.
  10. 100% Delusional. No it did not RV. CBI This is criminal. That is not a rumor and that is not speculation that is a flat out lie. Fraud and nothing else.
  11. Keywords: Okie Tony. Recaps. Fraud. Class action lawsuit Nuff said!
  12. Yeah that is the problem. There are good people out there who are gullible to the point of falling for the "brother/sister in Christ" line. I know they have at least 2 or 3 "gurus" at recaps that claim to be missionaries and or pastors who also conveniently have so called "insider connections with the high rollers". They have flat out made the claim the RV happened at a high rate and it will be public soon. That is they type of dinar pumping that causes the gullible to spend the mortgage and food money on dinar reserves. Rumors are one thing but flat out lies are fraud and no
  13. Maybe your attorney will be game to sue these pumper at Recaps. It is the central hub all the big dinar pumpers use to promote dinar sales. The big scam is the dinar on reserves angle. They use religion to fool people into thinking some of the gurus are people of faith who would never lie so the gullible have been spending their last bit of money on the reserve programs. A few court ordered e-mail subpoenas should show the tight connection between the primary perps and the economic ties. Racketeering plain and simple plus wire fraud.
  14. Too funny. These guys are nothing less than a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. The owner of recaps and all his employees are 100% lawyer bait. . All it takes is one person coming forward with a claim of fraud and the case will grow into thousands of claimants.
  15. P hoenix3333 use to have psychics on his radio show and they would give dinar predictions all the time. They were soooo off he threw them all off and never had them on again! LOL!
  16. It was over $3+ for many years before they devalued it in 2003 at the start of the war. IMF has it documented right here:
  17. Holiday. Closed all those days for EID Reopens on Monday the 12th Suggestion: Read the news section for information like this and stop reading the guru BS.
  18. Yeah...makes you think why congress and senate both voted to give these guys money and to support them in Syria. Obama just sent billions of dollars to these guys for weapons, explosives and training. Go figure.
  19. This is bad news because he is talking about fighting the forces the US government support. The US supports and arms the al-Qaeda rebels in Syria so the Kurds will be fighting against the side we support and arm.
  20. GEM BOX! Tears on my keyboard...nuff' said.
  21. I saw a group of people sitting in lawn chairs in front of my bank yesterday. The police were there and the bank was demanding they leave but one of the women was screaming that she read Dinar Recaps and she KNOWS THE TRUTH! Then she was yelling that Tony told them the banks had the rate and that the bank was holding out on them. Okie's name was mentioned too. I just left without going in because it was getting loud. The woman was screaming the truth is on RECAPS!
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