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  1. $2.89 per dinar :lmao: October 2012 FIRST solid rate and date....depends on what you mean by solid cause there have been hundreds, no thousands of solid rates and dates given just in the last 4 years.
  2. Hope you didn't make same bet on that....or you're gunna be wearing this outfit again! No way it RV's this year.....there4 is no evidence to support a 2012 Rv, and a whole lot of reasons why it aint gunna happen. I been in this thing since 2009 and have won money on at least 9 different times as various deadlines have come and gone....if people keep betting with their heart instead of their brain, I'm gunna be on a free roll soon. All my dinar will be paid for by other people.....sweeeeet. After I collect my money on January 1st, 2013, it will be interesting to see what the next big RV date will be.....and by the way, I do believe we will see an RV....just no until 2014 or beyond.
  3. Really..that's your comment. So everybody who thinks that the RV is not going to happen for a while should sell now, and buy at a closer time to when we think it will RV......awesome advice, incur the spread 2 times just so we don't have to carry the dinar in the meantime.'s genious! Thanks for the advice
  4. Iraq can continue to go on their merry way as long as they keep pulling in all those petro dollars. As for the world markets......if the world goes into depression, how bad do you think it will get in Iraq? for the average citizen I mean.....their dinar is already worthless. The country can easily operate using the dollar from oil sales that are not going to go away. No matter what, the world will need oil for a very long time....regardless of economic conditions. And the little guy in Iraq will continue to pay 25000 dinar for a loaf of bread. Politics is think just because it makes sense on a global scale for the Iraq dinar to RV, that it will happen? You live in a dream world then. Until the GOI gets straightened out and the 3 factions start working together for the good of all...equally, you will not see an RV. I think 2014 is very's the earliest an RV will take place IMHO. If you would have made a bet back in 2004 on when the dinar would would be hard pressed to find anyone who would have taken the "not til 2012" side. Well, it's 2012 and still no RV......we'll be saying the same thing in 2013 and at least into 2014, but maybe longer? It all depends on when the GOI starts representing all the people of Iraq instead of just their faction and self interests.
  5. Couldn't agree with you more....been sayin it myself only to have all my posts screened. Probably won't get to see this one? Don't know why my opinion is so 'controversial"...I see many posts much worse (negative and full of derrogatory comments) than mine out there every day? Just cause I believe we are a couple of years away from an RV....some how you can say it, but when I do it's some terrible event???? Still don't get it. oh well
  6. Have been hearing for 'years' how they are going to resolve outstanding issues.....can anyone say WOLF
  7. 1....I know the Mailman in person and he is just that, a postal worker who distorts, twists and flat out makes shte up as he goes. Don't believe a word he says as being factual.....not saying someday he might not be right, cause even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. But if he is right, it's pure coincidence. 2. As for Randy....his statement is absurd, if the government is not one will invest money and the dinar will remain useless while the Iraqi politicians get rich using the petro-dollar. What do you think would happen to the value of the dollar if we started running the government like would tank on the world market faster than you could say Ronald Regan.
  8. Not according to Maliki.... BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's prime minister is urging Turkey to deal with his country through the central government in Baghdad, criticizing Ankara's direct outreach to Iraq's self-ruling Kurdish region. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said in a statement Saturday that Iraq rejects efforts by Turkey to treat the Kurds' northern territory "as if it is an independent state." He added that if Turkey wants to maintain good regional relations, it must do so through Iraq. The statement says al-Maliki made the comments during an interview with a Turkish television channel. Iraq warned Turkey in July that a deal it has to import Kurdish-produced oil is illegal. Relations deteriorated further earlier this month when Turkey's foreign minister paid a surprise visit to the contested Iraqi city of Kirkuk after meeting Kurdish leaders. This is another reason why we'll not see an RV for a couple more years....the government is not working together. Everybody wants everything for their own faction...they don't care about the 'people.'
  9. Adam....Go Packers! Part A....Would you be surprised to find out Maliki is behind the Kurd pipeline bombings? Part B....Do you see the Iraqi government as being stable enough to pull off a successful RV before this year's end? Thanks for all your info
  10. Whatever the end game turns outto be....just shows us how far from an Rv we still are. Without the stability and production of the north (kurds) Iraq will never be able to RV at a decent rate for a long time. Too much political unrest right now for anything good to happen.....don't hold your breath, but my prediction of 2014 or beyond is looking more accurate every day
  11. SWFG.....nice post, I like your numbers and yet even though you know a 100,000% increase in value is not still think it can happen???? You say Iraq is in a unique position, I's my problem with a HUGE RV and it is a problem for most of the lopsters, too....I'm going to keep this in very simplistic terms, If Iraq's currency had been devalued as a result of them invading Kuwait, then they made nice and switched to a democracy...I could see how they could go back to pre-invasion values and we would all be VERY happy with our new found wealth. BUT the issue here is Iraq created new money....not only did they print new money, they printed 1000 times more dinar than they took out of circulation. You can run the math all day, every which can talk about fractional can talk about the PLAN....and you can talk about the US and how our government prints money everyday with nothing to back it, so certainly Iraq can do the same.....and at the end of the day you will not be able to realistically believe that if Iraq RV's their 27 trillion dinar to a dollar, the value of world currency will double or triple overnight and Iraq can sustain such a rate? Irag has 30 million people, divided into 3 major groups who all hate each other, don't trust each other as far as they can throw one another and have been willing to kill eack other for the last 2000 years.....and if you read the paper or watch the news, you will see they are still killing each other today with the same zealousness, and for the same reasons....rel[igious differences, power, control and money. Nothing has changed. You cannot compare Iraq to the US or any other civilized economic power....oil and gas aside, they have no government stability that would allow confidence to get to the point that anyone will trust them to do business from day to day. JMHO
  12. The guru quotes will never be eliminated....they don't care about truth or facts, just pumping.
  13. TimS

    King Dinar

    You lost me when you said all countries would forgive all debts.... .hahahahahaha, never gonna least with China. They hold all the cards, why would they fold now.
  14. thought Med was done...see he posted another chat on 7/18
  15. TimS

    simple math

    I agree that the math does not support a huge RV....but rather a very realistic 3x to 3 1/2x return on our money. Iraq can get all that worthless paper out of circulation (30 trillion) with a combo LOP and then RV to the pre-war rate. And no matter what most people want to believe, a 3 1/2 times retirn on your money in a currency investment is GREAT by any standard. Keep in mind, Adam himself said during last week's chat that he thinks there is a 50%-49%-1% chance it may turn out just this way That's 50% a bigger value increase-49% 3 1/2 x increase and 1% we go bust. That's pretty much an even bet to me
  16. [kcw] TimS Since the average Iraqi has nothing and lives paycheck to paycheck anyway, what do you think the odds of the following scenerio can take place? The CBI exchanges the 000 for smaller denoms (25000old = 25new) a LO P, then they RV to $3+ simultaneously....which is in the neighborhood of the pre-war value. The avarege Iraqi would then have 3x his purchasing power and when the dust settles, Iraq would have one of the stongest currencies in the region. Most of us make about 300% return on our investment, which is rather good in the currency market by the way and Iraq gets rid of all those big numbered bills. This would help de-dollarize the country, get rid of about 30 trillion old dinar from circulation and put into place 30 billion new dinar with a value of about 90 billionUS......easiler supportable by the natural resources the country has. JMHO [Adam Montana] I think the question is "what does Adam think the odds are" [Adam Montana] So my answer to that is 49/50. I think there's a 49% chance they do as you described, a 50% chance that they raise the value much higher, and a 1% chance that this all blows up in our faces. That's my honest opinion. Read more:
  17. Thank always I appreciate your candor. I am pulling for you to right
  18. Don't understand why you got all the negs....I gave you a plus, not much It's not like you wrote the article. Been sayin this was possibility all along......delete 3 zeros, then raise value back top pre-war rates....and that's how we make 3x our investment. we shall see
  19. maybe this.....According to the source, the al-Maliki told Talabani that he preferred to resign because of no confidence Talabani, according to the source is believed that this step will enter Iraq in the unknown. He said that Talabani told the owners he favored dialogue and consensus on the implementation of necessary reforms package to others to overcome the political crisis. Read more:
  20. Yes...our own 1 yard line...99 to go
  21. It does not matter "why"...what matters is the possibility of the event shows us that they are not even close to resolving the political process and that the RV is still far down the road. They got a long way to go baby....a long way
  22. There is no way the currency is already printed....they didn't know what they were going to do back in November. Some people believe that the currency was printed at the same time the high denoms were printed? Not buying it.....the country is too full of would have been stolen by now and they had no clue what they were going to back then....heck, they still are not sure what they are going to do moving forward. Each politician and each faction have their own ideas of what is right.....and Maliki doesn't want to do anything that takes money out of his corrupt reach. We got a ways to go folks....still saying 2 years or more....sorry
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