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    simple math

    Body mechanic here not a finance guy. I have been slammed by confessing to this investment with other physicians. Now I get another doc's investment advisor stuff me with the following...SIMPLE MATH ...I appreciate your input on the other post I made as I was tarred and feathered from my accountant buddies. I'll remain stupid but I don't like it. Back to my rock. SIMPLE MATH You take $1,000, you walk into a bank / money exchange and you buy $1,000 worth of Iraqi Dinar. And some people believe that if you hold onto it through a currency redenomination like Turkey, Afghanistan & oil-rich Venezuela went through, then the cashier will give you $1m upon changing it back for your $1,000 worth of Dinar? Yes that’s pretty much it. People latch themselves like a limpet onto “feel-good” (and very convincing) salesmen-GREEDY-GURUS (some of whom were involved in the prior CMKM penny stock fraud “pump and dump” con using the same “secret intel on radio calls” tactics, GURUS-like Okieman, Breitling, Frank26, another site, Kaparoni, Millionday, another site, SteveI) who promise the Earth by trawling currency comparison sites – picking the weakest ones (“just look at HOW MANY you get per Dollar!”) that are weak due to prior chronic / hyper-inflation and try and “pretend” that inflation never occurred and they’re really “undervalued” due to some abnormal “secret aberration” that millions of people around the world who trade them every day are too “stupid” to see but Mr. Pumper of Arkansas or Lubbock, Tx...“knows the secret” – when in fact the currencies are weak simply because they’ve been over printed no different to 1920′s Germany or Zimbabwe. Or 70-odd other countries over the past century. What they call “undervalued” is in fact – plain ordinary inflation and the dilution effects of basic currency over-supply vs economic demand. And what they amusingly call “the RV” is in fact demanding that 999x more money be printed (which would instantly trigger off hyper-inflation – everyone’s a millionaire but bread will cost $1,500 per loaf, houses would be $250m each instead of $250k, etc…) in the confused belief that “the more money you print the stronger a currency gets”. Back in reality the more currency that are printed – the more each currency unit gets devalued. That happens to all currencies (strong and weak) and isn’t even up for debate as a universal observable phenomenon. If people do not understand it, they need to keep calm and take responsibility for their own education rather than blow off steam out of frustration against those who do. That there are over 60tn Iraqi Dinar’s and over a staggering 1qdrn (1,000 trillion) Vietnamese Dong in circulation – and that Saddam Hussein printed huge amounts of Dinar under the sanctions (precisely because if you can’t trade or borrow – then all you can do is print!) – goes straight over some people’s heads… That many Iraqi’s are using Dollars (a phenomenon called “Dollarization”) and Vietnamese have been buying houses with gold rather than native currencies speaks for itself. It’s actually pretty racist to declare all those 100m people “stupid” as well. People in their own countries know exactly what’s going on with their own currencies – a lot more than people with a sales agenda who hang onto “radio calls” every week. As mentioned previously, the debate isn’t even economic anymore – it’s really psychological. That’s why when facts are on the table, all you will get in response is angry emotional outbursts from some people. Let me ask you some questions – and please think them thru.. Do you believe that a drop of water can be larger than the glass of water from which the drop was taken? Do you believe that a grain of sand can be larger than a beach from which the grain was taken? Is a slice of bread larger than a loaf from which the slice is a part? Can an apple pip be larger than an apple including the pip? Is a screen pixel larger than a screen? Is an electron bigger than an atom including the electron? Can a fish’s scale be larger than from the same fish it came? Can a leaf be larger than a bush including the leaf? Can a mountain pebble be larger than a mountain including the pebble? Can a wheel be larger than a car (including the wheel)? Can a saddle be larger than a bicycle including the saddle). Can a dog’s claw be larger than the dog (including the claw)? Can a millipede’s leg be larger than the millipede? Can Iraq’s economy be bigger than Earth’s economy of which Iraq’s economy makes up just 1%? Most honest sane people would truthfully answer “no” to these questions because the answer is not a relative subjective emotional “feeling” that can be argued over like art critics discussing the “mood” of Da Vinci – it’s one of objective literal physical impossibility. Where [WE] are going wrong is quite simple – you believe basic mathematics & economics surrounding the redenomination are somehow “relative” and “must have no right answer” because it keeps the dream alive. Your intentions of not getting hurt are entirely understandable, but some things in life do have an objective right answer and plenty of wrong ones – and a country like Iraq can no more have a larger money supply than Planet Earth of which it makes up just 0.43% of the world’s population in people and 0.24% in economy size, than a small village in Hawaii can have an economy larger than the United States of America (which includes that small village) – or France can have an economy larger than Europe – including France! The “RV” argument is so incredibly stupid that it defies belief that it actually needs explaining why Iraq’s money supply cannot be larger than the total global money supply of every country on planet Earth – including Iraq’s – combined – and 500x larger than Iraq’s own economy (which is the equivalent of America having a money supply of $7,500tn instead of $15.8tn)… What [WE] seem to crave in post after post seems to be emotional reinforcement rather than simple honesty – you WANT others to “possibly be wrong” just to feel better about your ‘investment’ so you won’t have to think it through – not because it’s the actual truth. Here is the real truth : Iraq may redenominate – or they may call off the redenomination and not do anything. Either way – the “RV” in the sense of an absurdly claimed 1:1 banknote exchange ratio after a 1000:1 currency adjustment (the world really doesn’t work like that) vs the $ is still a mathematical objective impossibility – because there isn’t enough money on the planet even if every man, woman & child in every country on Earth – all 7 BILLION people – gave every single bank-note, they had to Dinar speculators plus all money in their bank accounts, their incomes, their savings & pensions and resorted to foraging for food to survive. That’s the scale of ridiculousness of the 1:1 banknotes exchange “RV” claims. And no – I genuinely am not wrong in saying “The impossible cannot happen because it is impossible”. If the whole Earth’s money supply is around $60tn… …Then Iraq having under 0.24% global GDP cannot possibly have $62tn of Dinar’s whilst also simultaneously being 0.24% of the $60tn! There is nothing to “believe” or “get wrong” about this. It’s basic math with one right and plenty of wrong ones. You’re not just trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you’re trying to fit a car into a tire, a loaf into a slice, a beach into a grain of sand, an apple into a pip, a glass of water into a droplet, etc. I really cannot think of any other way of spelling it out short of breaking out the purple crayons and explaining why daddy dinosaur’s toe (whom he nicknames “Iraq”) can’t be bigger than daddy dinosaur (whom his wife nicknames “planet Earth”). The only genuine “unknown” with the redenomination is the “when” – The Iraq Central Bank has delayed it for various reasons number one being inflation creeping up again. The “what” is not unknown and hasn’t been for over two years now. Exceptionally clear information has been given – they’ve even described the new banknote designs in detail. “The new currency will be printed after deleting the zeros and will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language. It will bear as well photos of Iraq’s civilizations and patrimony in addition to symbols of Iraqi intellectuals and figures, in addition to coins in both Arabic and Kurdish. This will include a new 50 Dinar bill with a value of $43 (50,000 current note Dinar).” Dinar speculators don’t want to hear it out of personal discomfort and vested interests – sure that’s a given – but the redenomination simply is what it is whether it’s accepted by ‘investors’ or not. I have made points politely, honestly and truthfully with 100% verifiable facts for those who are willing to view (which be honest- is the real issue isn’t it?) : Yes, [WE] must see the wild contradiction. You print more money – currency value goes down. Yet to turn $30-60bn into $30,000-60,000bn would involve… printing 999x more which would drive its value down not up! Likewise to make 60tn Dinar’s 1,000x stronger would mean reducing the amount circulating to 60bn Dinar’s (redenominating). You can no more “RV” them by keeping the same amount in circulation than you sell Snickers bars for $800 each just slapping a $800 price tag on it. It’s valued by the market, not some centrally planned Communist dictator. No-one else would trade the currency if it suddenly became 1,000x more expensive and still 1,000x more prevalent than peer neighbors like Kuwait (it’ll just instantly self-devalue again due to obvious massive inflation of an entire planet’s money supply all circulating inside a country smaller than Australia!) I guess it’s one of those “big lie” technique scams – ie, a claim so outrageous that some people believe that no-one could have the sheer impudence or audacity to distort the truth so absurdly – and therefore decide “it must be true because of it”. Finally you ask; "What is in it for the pumpers, site-owners and story tellers ?" Number one reason is profits. The yield [to a site-owner] will vary depending on the site-owners participation. Many props establish a site to self-perpetuate [meaning-function without the site-owners involvement]. ADS, ADS, ADS, Sell, sell, sell...which means revenue to cover nominal costs for maintaining the site continuance. The site may exist for dinar discussion but ADS may not exist for dinar purchases. Any purchase nets a payday for the owner. Hair and fashions, dating opportunities, incorporating LLC s, buying silver and name it. From time to time the site-owner pops-in creating enthusiasm or like [chum-to-shark]..feeding frenzy. It doesn't have to amount to more than [hearsay][bS]etc........Everyone is excited ! [WE] all hang-on for another day, another weekend, another week, another month............another dream of riches. I have done my damnest not too share this but having time on my hands and a brain that wants my body to-do jumping-jacks again, I could not continue to ignore math. Never did like math. WAY TOO EXACT.
  2. freeze


    WHEN YOU HAVE PEOPLE SPEAK WITH ' REASONABLE STATEMENTS ' WHICH CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED AND EMOTIONS DON'T TAKE OVER, I TAKE NOTICE. I WOULD LIKE YOUR THOUGHTS NOT BECAUSE I AM A CAST-OFF GURU OR DOOMSDAY NUT. I WOULD WANT THIS NOT TO BE TRUE....... BUT AFTER MUCH STUDY AND 7 YEARS OF THIS INVESTMENT, REASON IS A SAFE HAVEN FOR MANY. I REMEMBER AS A STUDENT NOT ENJOYING SUNDAY AFTERNOONS BECAUSE IT MEANT SERIOUS STUDY WITH MONDAY CLASSES EVOLVING. NOW DAYS I HAVE DESTAIN FOR FRIDAYS BECAUSE OF FALSE ANTICIPATION AND THE LET DOWN I KNOW MONDAY HOLDS...MORE EMPTY PREDICTONS BITE THE DUST. EFFECTIVELY MANY HAVE WASTED THEIR LIVES ON EMPTY, FICTICIOUS DRAMA BY STORY TELLERS THAT HAVE PROSPERED AT THE BANK. IS THIS THE SLIDE THAT INTEGRITY HAS TAKEN IN OUR COUNTRY? NEW PROFESSIONAL DEGREE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION...' MASTER-AT-BAITER ' WITH A MINOR IN DUPING NOT MY AUTHOR-SHIP [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[The typical scenario presented by gurus is that Maliki is a wannabe dictator, and Shabibi refuses to revalue the IQD until Maliki agrees to share the power. The vote of no confidence that we're all hearing about is supposed to pressure Maliki into agreeing to share the power (I think) and if he doesn't agree he'll be removed and the new PM will play ball and then Shabibi can RV and we'll all be rich and live happily ever after. At least that's the way I understand all of this. Here's the problem. First of all Shabibi has never said he was going to revalue the dinar. When he was in DC last year he was asked about revaluation and he said that they might adjust the exchange rate if inflation got too high. Then in January, most recall, the rate was moved from 1170 to 1166. Whether that was triggered by inflation or not I don't know, but any inflation-related revaluations will likely be similar adjustments rather than a 100,000% increase like many gurus are saying. When Shabibi and the CBI talk about raising the value by deleting the zeros they're talking about a redenomination and not a revaluation as [this being a LOP] we won't go there.. So the idea that Shabibi said he would RV is de-bate-able to say the least. Secondly, Maliki has nothing to do with revaluation. That is in the hands of the CBI, not the GOI. When the rate moved from 1170 to 1166 back in January that was a decision made by the CBI, not the GOI. There's nothing keeping them from making a similar adjustment right now except that they apparently don't see the justification for it. Maliki is irrelevant in that regard. What Maliki and the GOI do have influence over is the project to delete the three zeros that Shabibi and the CBI have been talking about for two years. That's because this project would require the printing of new currency which has to be voted on and approved by the GOI. At this point it's questionable whether or not there's enough support for it to pass. But the only thing that Maliki can hold up is a redenomination (lop)[sshhhuch] rather than a revaluation. This misconception in the dinar community has been created by clueless gurus who misrepresent what Shabibi is talking about. They've created this belief in a mythical "RV" that will one day come and change everything for everybody. The global economy will be reset, the nations drowning in debt will be bailed out, and us dinarians will be swimming in millions. As a result, everybody who listens to these guys is wondering "what's the holdup? When do I get my new Lexus, Ferretti, pine-apple island or better yet, ' when does the truth get told so people can adjust to reality?" The simple answer is that there is no holdup because there is no big RV coming and there never was. It was all a fantasy created through bogus intel and flawed analysis coming from couch professors and con artists. I'm amazed that people spend hours a day reading news articles from Iraq about the day to day political process as though that will have any bearing on anything. Folks, all you have to do is understand a few basic things. Currencies aren't like stocks. They don't increase in value more than a few % at a time. If they did it would be destructive to the nation's economy as they would have a greater debt liability. (Somebody prove me wrong here. Show me an example of a country where the central bank raised the value of their currency by 100% or more. And don't tell me that's what Kuwait did, because it's not. Their central bank never changed the offical exchange rate.) Companies love it when their stocks increase 15% or more, but countries don't want that to happen with their currency. The idea that Iraq needs the RV because their people are poor is nonsense. There's no quick fix here. If Iraq wants to help their people the best thing for them is to promote education and develop the non-petroleum sectors of their economy to create jobs. That means manufacturing and service based jobs. Raising the value of the currency would hurt them from the standpoint of exports. If they don't lop they'll probably keep it as low as possible just like South Korea has done over the past half century following the war there. You can't reduce a money supply substantially without a redenomination. This talk about Iraq reducing their money supply by pulling in the larger notes is nonsense. We've been hearing it now for a couple of years and yet the figures on the CBI website indicate that the money supply is growing rather than shrinking. You either believe the gurus who are never right, or the CBI and the IMF. Boy, that's a toughie, huh? And besides, why would a country want to risk deflation by reducing their money supply without a redenomination? It could throw them into a depression. That's why countries who have a currency with a low valuation resulting from hyperinflation either leave the value where it is or lop zeros off of their currency. They NEVER pull in the larger notes, revalue, and issue new lower denoms like these douchebags are telling us will happn. The current value of the IQD isn't artificial. It's quite real and truly reflective of the wealth of Iraq. Contrary to what the gurus are telling us Iraq isn't a wealthy country. Their GDP (over 80% of which is oil revenues) is ranked around 60th in the world, depending on whose figures you go by. They have a lot of oil, true. So what? So does the US, and we have well-developed non-petroleum sectors too. We also have a well developed infrastructure, a superior military, a stable form of government, an educated populace, and much safer living and working environments. Iraq is sadly deficient in all of these areas, and these are things that are reflected in the value of a nation's currency. Getting back to Maliki. Will he stay or will he go? Your guess is as good as mine. My guess is that he stays. But whether he stays or goes nobody is going to get rich by owning IQD. I do think your chances of making a profit are better if Maliki stays and the GOI votes down the currency reform measure, but we're not talking substantial profits. In all likelihood most dinarians won't even reach the break-even point for years, and if there's a lop they'll be doing good just to recoup 80% of their investment]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]......... THIS POST WAS NOT WRITTEN OR AUTHORED BY ME. MY PROFESSION IS MEDICAL. I RESPECT MARCUS CURTIS AND HIS RESEARCH. BUT EVEN PEOPLE WITH FAITH-BASED PRINCIPLES GIVE UP WHEN HUMAN INFLUENCE HAS TOO MUCH UNDER TOW. GREED MAYBE THE UNDER-TOW AND WE MIGHT BE DROWNING IN THE SURF.
  3. freeze

    RV in 36 hours?

    It's pick your poison when you pick a guru. Try don't promote other sites. Their leader, SteveI, has Bi-polar outbursts with narcissistic reflux. He disguises these conditions with Blessings. Nothing can be more disturbing coming from a professed Christian. Several mods are cast in a mold, faintly like the Branch Davidians. Discipline is fine, respect and order are fine, humbleness is a (yes master) fine, but blind-faith in Steve's word is a prerequisite for remaining a member. His catchy little sayings and well-intended lectures don't go far when you breach your own advice. Calling members idiots because they don't unquestionably swallow his words, or they remember and re-state his quotes from past months that can piss him off subjecting the member to exile or silencing. No intended or combative disrespect need take place. Just disagree with the dude. A script for drugs to medicate his erratic behavior and a serious prayer are in order. The members are repeatedly hammered with (it's his money, his rules, his contracts, his contacts, his intel, his partner and his will. They are just the court jesters, there to heap praise and to polish his throne. They can enjoy their serenity at that site but realize misguidance and misGod'ed are one and the same. Just note that contributors with substance have gravitated away from don't promote other sites. No one will stay after they figure out you are not allowed a brain.
  4. freeze

    Cant have Dogs

    I guess we Westerners are going to the dogs. Maybe we send our Iranian buds .... some alligators from the swamps. See if they can house train them.
  5. freeze

    Does anyone know when RV is going to really happen??

    Dude.....Been a bad day? You have everything at your finger tips. While you are watching the Royal Wedding on Friday you will be toasting bubbly over the RV. Trust me above +3.00
  6. freeze

    Does anyone know when RV is going to really happen??

    You're not in my boat....I'd noticed.
  7. freeze

    Adam Wednesday Night Chat 4-27-11

    I'LL pray for u my son.
  8. freeze

    Bernanke Press Conference Wed am

    I would love to trim his facial foliage with my weed wacker!
  9. freeze

    Ron Paul for Pres?

    Obammy is your man then....
  10. freeze

    Trump speaks about Iraq on CNN

    EGO.....Something both Dudes know plenty about!!!!!!!!! Neither one has ever defended their country (Assuming both are from & claim here). Neither one knows" the runs" you experience the first two months of assignment in country when the most fun you look forward to is placing your stressed head on a folded duffle bag that's a make shift pillow. Neither understands the term "being short" or "looking forward to the freedom bird". Neither one can fathom sacrifice. I doubt things have changed too much since Nam but I do remember vividly leaving to defend my country.
  11. freeze

    Economic Recovery??

    Vern this is old Freeze talkin to ya. The Lyin King ain't no dummie. He will get an Oscar for this to place next to his Nobel. Nope no dummie, no American and a full-blooded Benedict Arnold. We know that the wheels on the RV were placed in motion during Bush/Cheney. We cannot blame this outcome on the previous administration. Soros doesn't care about Nobel Prizes or Oscars. He wants to be worshipped and offerings made to his bank account.
  12. The problem, my fellow American, is not about the man's nuts, brains or lack there of but rather about his loyalty to this country and its citizens. A true American would not allow this to happen no matter what wealth derived. There is the founding reason for the birther dispute. Trump maybe a pompus jerk but he does have America's best interests at heart. This happening is going down and nothing will stop it.....Grin !
  13. Praise God - $$$ Food Foundation - $$$ Housing Foundation - $$$ Dual Citizenship - $
  14. Timmy had to get H & R Block to file his extention as Obammy forgot to sign his expense voucher.
  15. freeze

    Okie post 4/23/2011

    This is obviously an INUENDO! You know. An Italian suppository!

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