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  1. Give ya $400 and 10 Power Ball Tickets for Saturday night
  2. I hope it wasn't the algorithms that have gotten out of sync.... I've been waiting on them to fall into place for 3 years.
  3. As a Christian focused on the upcoming Christmas holiday, a Dinar revaluation over the holidays – Xmas to New Year’s Day – is against my business instincts, but it could happen…. As a fellow Christian, I never use the word(?) Xmas...and really get insulted when Christ is abbreviated as X.
  4. Have not been here in a while, but I notice nothing has changed... Adam, oh Adam where are you? It's darn near 1:00 EST and you haven't given us your weekly post..OMG are you attending to important business? Family matters? or just goofing off? Drop what you are doing and get your sorry ### on here and give us your message and be quick about it!
  5. So if I show up naked except for my Glock I will look suspicious?
  6. I wonder if she's a citizen? Bet over 1/2 of the protestors aren't
  7. Oh, I thought you were honing up on our national language by 2020!
  8. ADAM, ADAM, ADAM...You know better than to try and be funny..... Leave that to me, thug, and a few others! Headlines later on KneeCaps.... ADAM MONTANA SAYS TOMORROW AT HIGH RATES [Adam Montana] Yep. RV tomorrow at $5.98 And from another GURU site..... ADAM MONTANA CALLS RV DATE AND RATE [Adam Montana] $6.39 by tomorrow.
  9. I have info detailed to tell you about. (plus you imbeciles who believe me wouldn't understand anyway). but it does have to do with the Sun, The earth, and the Oceans.....
  10. How resent was this? yesterday? last week? Oh 5 months ago? Old, Old news, and I recent it
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