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  1. American Front Line Doctors i have my supply of meds, if I need it. I do everything natural anyway and have been exposed multiple times to C19 positive people and have yet to get sick. DON’T BELIEVE THE BS!
  2. One guess on who placed it. Here’s a clue, four letters. Starts with an I and ends with an N.
  3. Just an FYI folks. The USS Georgia carries more than missiles, nuclear and conventional. She also is outfitted to deploy Navy SEAL's. That "tubular section, just behind the sail can carry an SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle).
  4. If you want to keep your gains then you need to look into the OSI program.
  5. Oil Prices Crash as Storage Shortage Looms 139 Hussein Malla/AP Photo John Carney 20 Apr 2020792 2:12 The joke among oil traders Monday morning is that gas stations will soon be paying customers to fill up their tanks as the search for storage options intensifies. Oil prices plunged on Monday to multi-decade lows. The front-month May contract for West Texas Intermediate futures, which expires Tuesday, fell by more than 36 percent to $11.55 a barrel. Soon to be expiring contracts are typically traded in lower volumes. Som\e
  6. Russia's stronger economy lets Putin stare down OPEC By Natasha Doff and Anya Andrianova on 3/8/2020 MOSCOW (Bloomberg) --Vladimir Putin’s resistance to further output cuts has pushed Russia’s accord with the OPEC cartel that controls more than half of the world’s oil production toward breakdown. Some key metrics guiding the Russian economy help explain the president’s reasoning. “Thanks to Russia taking harsh measures earlier, Russia can now afford a lower oil price than
  7. Huff post, now there’s an outlet with integrity. 😂 Dare we mention how much the eight year President Obama apology world tour cost? I really don’t care where any POTUS travels to for down time. It’s a thankless job regardless of party affiliation.
  8. Marty McFly: Time circuits on... Flux Capacitor... fluxing... Engine running... All right!
  9. Well, since this thread is off topic I’ll throw this into the mix. It’s been awhile since SNL put something out that was funny! Enjoy!
  10. How about you all keep the political rhetoric in the Opinions section. It’s bad enough that we are inundated with politics by every form of media out there. Most of us are here for IQD news. Thanks for your consideration in this.
  11. Mep01, In regards to China’s economic power and the strength of the yuan we really need to compare apples to apples. Currently the GDP to debt ratio for the USA is 106%, China is at 300%. USA CHINA That being said, China cannot sustain this level of spending. The ongoing trade war with the USA is eroding their GDP as well. China’s romancing of third world country’s
  12. Did a quick check and came across this. Does Video Show Police Spraying Fake Blood on Themselves During a Philadelphia Shooting? Disinformation, Fact Checks / By Kim LaCapria / August 15, 2019 Claim Video from a local news broadcast depicts Philadelphia police using fake blood during a shooting. Not True On August 15 2019, the conspiracy-oriented Facebook page “True News 4 U’s” share
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