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  1. Many people are/will not be in their right mind (as an example look at the current almost satanic hatred of Trump) and will gladly accept the mark as a convenience in the ability to buy/sell. It will be a natural progression for security purposes. Keep in mind though that it happens in the middle (3 1/2 years in) of the Tribulation period with other key events having already occurred. The main one, for the pre-tribers,the rapture will have occurred and we will not be on the Earth to see it happen.
  2. Didn't China recently announce putting $11B or so in to the country - that says something of the progress made
  3. A few years back there were rumors that Trump actually bought some Dinar. If that were true would't an RV hurt him in the re-election bid. Look like he manipulated it for personnel gain.
  4. Question: If there is $5B Dollars sitting in Dinar in the Bank that means there are 5,000,000,000,000 (that 5 trillion)Dinar in the bank. Would our Government allow an RV (assume 1:1) where the Iranian assets now are worth $5T
  5. Adam How easy will it be to just turn in the old Dinar for the new Dinar and just sit on it- riding the float, without having to worry about the turn in period nor actually cashing in?
  6. Adam I have a basic question. Given all the scenarios, what do you think will be the final straw that makes Iraq pull the trigger (no pun intended) to do the RV on one day or another?
  7. Then again maybe the CBI is planning to reject half of the bills (but keep them and turn over to US & Europe) thereby with a 1:1 RV it will only cost them $.50
  8. I agree with whom ever said it that this is Big. It sets the stage for a potential RV of at least 1:1 otherwise why would an Iraq citizen turn it in (other than being compelled). Obviously they are not going to give an RV date but did anyone decipher a timeframe implied by this statement?
  9. Am I missing something -- it's not the Dinar that needs to be uncirculated but the Dollar or Euro that they are turning in The Central Bank of Iraq on the criteria that are relied on in the rejection of banknotes of the dollar and euro in the process of counting and sorting.
  10. How about in Revelations 16:21 From the sky huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, fell on people. That could ruin your day
  11. I thought I'd add a few comments to consider regarding taxes and diversification given the massive debt loads. Going to the bank and exchanging a $100 bill for 5 $20 bills is not a taxable event. After the RV could we go to the exchange and convert a 25000 Dinar note for 250 100 dinar notes, again not a taxable event. Why do we expect an RV -- because the Dinar has hard assets (oil, minerals/metals) backing it. Therefore holding Dinar will possibly be a good diversification. Another idea - buy gold miners stocks -- assuming the company is viable, the value remains regardless of what currency is supreme. An added bonus is the stocks usually go up exponentially in regards to the gold prices. Some ideas to stir the pot
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