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  1. Adam How easy will it be to just turn in the old Dinar for the new Dinar and just sit on it- riding the float, without having to worry about the turn in period nor actually cashing in?
  2. Adam I have a basic question. Given all the scenarios, what do you think will be the final straw that makes Iraq pull the trigger (no pun intended) to do the RV on one day or another?
  3. Then again maybe the CBI is planning to reject half of the bills (but keep them and turn over to US & Europe) thereby with a 1:1 RV it will only cost them $.50
  4. I agree with whom ever said it that this is Big. It sets the stage for a potential RV of at least 1:1 otherwise why would an Iraq citizen turn it in (other than being compelled). Obviously they are not going to give an RV date but did anyone decipher a timeframe implied by this statement?
  5. Am I missing something -- it's not the Dinar that needs to be uncirculated but the Dollar or Euro that they are turning in The Central Bank of Iraq on the criteria that are relied on in the rejection of banknotes of the dollar and euro in the process of counting and sorting.
  6. How about in Revelations 16:21 From the sky huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, fell on people. That could ruin your day
  7. I thought I'd add a few comments to consider regarding taxes and diversification given the massive debt loads. Going to the bank and exchanging a $100 bill for 5 $20 bills is not a taxable event. After the RV could we go to the exchange and convert a 25000 Dinar note for 250 100 dinar notes, again not a taxable event. Why do we expect an RV -- because the Dinar has hard assets (oil, minerals/metals) backing it. Therefore holding Dinar will possibly be a good diversification. Another idea - buy gold miners stocks -- assuming the company is viable, the value remains regardless of what currency is supreme. An added bonus is the stocks usually go up exponentially in regards to the gold prices. Some ideas to stir the pot
  8. Adam, I have a more basic question. With all that has happened they surely "can" RV and I as everyone want them to. However, what will make them want to do it now vs a month, or say 6 Months from now? What makes the trigger be pulled?
  9. Nah - he's just getting the RV notice its final polish to send out.
  10. What is the latest status of the Vietnamese Dong revaluing? Do you have any insight?
  11. Maybe it was already discussed (I didn't go through the entire thread) but not only are they accepting the Yaun as payment but they are backing it up with gold.
  12. Adam Per the articles below China singed an agreement to develop the oil fields and are backing their purchases with gold. I see this bullish for the Dinar and Gold an a future problem for the dollar value and the dollar as a reserve currency (Crypto positive also). What is your opinion of this in regards to the RV?
  13. I mean this sincerely, I must be missing something since I go to the VIP area and yes it has very good information and I see the value for post RV but it seems that after you read it once there is very little new information. Can someone point to the location that they go to, to get this ongoing information Adam is talking about. Thanks
  14. Hi Adam I read your book and cash in guide and either missed or did not see the answer to this scenario for cashing in. Would we be able to turn in our Dinar to a brokerage account who would hold the either the value of dinar currency (kind of like turning in a stock certificate) or they hold the amount of the RV dollars ?
  15. We have always heard that we need the HCL before the RV would take place. I understand the excitement (and join in) for the HCL but as happened with the excitement of the Chapter 11 release, which turned out to be unfounded, why is this occurrence with the HCL considered different other than it is considered to be the last item. This may have been answered but what dictates that the RV has to take place "close or right after" an HCL occurs and not at some future date of the CBI choosing?
  16. Adam Thank you for keeping us informed and grounded (We call Wednesdays "D" day here at work -- common question "did we hit yet") I know and acknowledge that you are not an investment adviser and that I am only asking for your opinion. Currently the Dollar is 64.1% of the reserve currency, the Euro 20.7% and the remaining 15.2% spread over aprox. 6 other countries. There is high speculation that the IMF in their (once every 5 yr) October meeting will change the basket mix. The percentage of the Dollar will drop and China (possibly Russia also) currencies will be incorporated in and fill the drop. a. Discussion around the RV has always been based upon converting to the dollar. Given the above, would it be more beneficial to convert to another currency or currencies after the RV? b. The commodities such as Gold/Silver are valued based upon the dollar. How do you see the prices of these reacting and would it be a better alternative to convert to Gold or silver (even for a holding place until the dust settles, before getting into other investments-per the info from you within the VIP)?
  17. Hmmmm What if they do the $5m bond pre-RV, convert the $'s into Dinar, then RV 1:1 and have $5.835E+12
  18. Adam In 2010 H.R. 2847 the Hire Incentives to Restore Employment Act & Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act was signed and goes into effect July of this year. The FATCA requires full disclosure of accounts outside the U.S. by U.S citizens and more importantly by foreign Banks. Offshore financial institutions are required to provide a 1099 form to the IRS for their American Customers. Under FATCA, banks will be forced to submit information on total assets, account balances, transactions, account numbers and other personal identifying information. What is your opinion and won’t this negate any advantage of establishing the offshore accounts?
  19. Adam Is there any indication that the U.S Government is holding an amount of Dinar? If so, what is your opinion on how this would effect the both the RV and possibly the U.S Economy
  20. Some things that we all need to remember in our excitement. A. Try to keep grounded. God has provided us this opportunity we have a very important task in making sure that we do not misuse the wealth. B. It is bittersweet since the rise in Iraq signals a rise in a country that is prominent prior to the days of judgment.
  21. Adam Follow-up to my question from last week regarding the ability to purchase 1M Dinar now at $1,000 vs recent price at $1,200. Your answer of it's market driven may be feasable. However, this price is based upon purchasing 25k, 10k, & 5k Dinar notes. If I were to purchase the same 1M Dinar in 250 Dinar notes the price goes up to $3400, a 283% premium for the same total Dinar. This looks to be more than market driven. The sellers are dumping the high notes at aproximately 17% below cost and selling the lower denominations at an extrordinary premium. Given as you say the price is market driven, why would anyone pay a 283% premium unless there is knowledge that the higher denominations will be of less value, or have a greater conversion fee percentage, and/or that maybe the lower 250 note will not require conversion. Interested in your thoughts regarding why the extrordinary high price for lower denominations. Is there something going on behind the scene?
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