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  1. Don't ya just love those Texas Bluebonnets
  2. 1 Josh = 190lbs Okay Machine, everything you've stated is correct except, 1Josh = 165 lbs and he has NO potential. (Nephew!) Just ask my sister
  3. Dog, you hit that nail right on the head. My mother was Japanese and all h--l would break loose when she didn't make rice Of course, my father was half Irish and one quarter dutch and german and he always wanted steak and potatoes Needless to say, I was always confused as a child (Still am confused :confused: )
  4. Machine My result was California!!! I've been there and would never choose to live there. Then , I took the test to determine my inner nationality and my result was Japanese. Go figure, my mother was Japanese :confused2:
  5. WELL %$@*%$##()^&%!!! Just can't seem to bring it over. Anyways CBI website just says: Index of / .htpasswds/ cgi-bin/ Sorry, totally illiterate on this infernal computer
  6. Actually, your always loosing the right sock and putting the left one on the wrong foot
  7. Congratulations Moose, Grandpa Time is special time!!!
  8. Because the RV is scheduled to take place the day before
  9. Congrats on the grandpa thing Moose. If this is the first, they'll be spoiled rotten by you, I'm sure I have ten You're welcome to borrow a few. And remember, the best thing about grand children is that you can always send them home after they've worn you out Then you can get back to your
  10. No feathers ruffled here moose :bravo: Plus 9,999. Adam, help me out here and give these to moose!
  11. Thanks for bringing this over yota As a vet of many foreign excursions, our National Anthem has always brought me to tears, especially since I've retired. Again, many, many thanks
  12. Here's something to ponder......Possum (nothing personal intended) has repeatedly in the past called the RV with, obviously, no RV. Now he is calling no RV for 2014 and, since he hasn't been right to date, maybe he is wrong again which means it will RV in 2014 Possum has been playing alive for a while now and maybe he's playing dead now :confused: Personally, I'm totally confused
  13. AWESOME Video Moose. But, I'm 57 now and I get my adrenaline rush when I lift my feet up on my ottoman. :lmao:
  14. Looks so fun :D Wish we got that kind of snow here in San Antonio. I lived up north until the 9th grade then, we moved to Texas.
  15. Heavy, we are all saddened by these words. I, personally, would always read your posts before anything else since they were always uplifting and encouraging. Your posts will be missed. Snow, your post pretty much says it all. However, maybe it should say..."Stop in and say hi because we need you here."
  16. If those are tuna, and I caught all of them, I wouldn't need the RV
  17. Thanks vizio, great story. However, at my house, only the Miracle Whip jar is empty. Not the mayonnaise.
  18. Great post Skybear :bravo: Now, I don't want to be an Oakie or anything like that, but, if I'm not mistaken, they (CBI) are selling USD for IQD. Help me out peeps. Correct me if I'm wrong :shrug:
  19. D64....Since you're new here, I've plussed you up to get you even. No sense in being red checked for bringing over gu-wrong info.
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