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  1. AJ 37


    Don't buy any of these crap they are presenting. I have a very good friend who is now working for UN in Iraq. He works with Iraqis on daily basis. I contacted him yesterday and asked him about these news on TV. In his words he told me he heard nothing about Iraq dinar on TV. In fact he contacted his coworkers and asked them . I think all these are hypes by so called gurus. We may be close but in my opinion as someone pointed out very clearly don't buy their opinion. I only wait for Adams text and his emails. If there is a change that would be reflected on CBI website.
  2. For a change they have put their first redemption centre down under. I can see lots of cars in the car park. Also people who were stand by before was told that they need to work on Sunday. Unfortunately they put me on gag order so I can not give you all the most accurate information. But I can see some tier 1 people are lining up in redemption centres. Also I can see some people are being taken to redemption centre from back door. May be whales who got billion dinars. Oh my bad sorry this was a dream. What a load of crap I had been reading for last 13 odd years. Hopefully we see the end of the tunnel soon. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Thanks. I will buy some. Your explanation was spot on. Cheers
  4. Hi Keylime, AMC has actually drop in value? In Jan 2021 it was nearly $ 20 and now only $ 9.00 . Am I right. Why do you think this will go up a lot? Just explain what you know. Cheers
  5. Great....It's getting better every day. Hopefully we can see the finish line soon. Getting bit old to wait any more...
  6. Merry Xmas to the DV family from down under. May all your dreams and wishes come true.
  7. Great work Adam. I am sure you have a plan to look after people down under. Still we are unable to fly out from the country.
  8. Don't forget about the people down under. We are here together until we see the light. Good lock to all DV family.
  9. Hi guys just for every DVD members information. I send them a letter requesting transfer of my shares in to my name. Believe me with in a week I got a reply. All my shares are in to my name now. But in the process I have lost quite a number of shares due to no more trading in ISX. It was a significant amount. However I got some thing back in to my own name now.
  10. Hi Dinar Family, This is why she got selected as the winner. This statement written by VJBL on their website.Thanks for voting for her. Aseka Ratnayake Werribee 12.2 Aseka plays a smart game, passing only to her players who she sees are in the clear. She is careful not to pass to a voice and adjusts her pass to be able to get past the defence. Aseka is an intelligent player who tries hard the whole game and has a smile on her face while doing it.
  11. Thank you so much to My Dinar Family. The winner for this week was announced and it was Aseka. My daughter is over the moon. She wants to send kisses to everyone who supported her.
  12. Hi Sentine, Don't be nasty to a 10year old girl who has been selected under tuff guidance of a selection Criteria. Before you make comments to put a child down read what is posted in the website. After all she is not expecting million dollars like you but a simple T-shirt to appreciate her participation in basketball.
  13. My daughter Aseka Ratnayake was identified by VJBL (Victorian Junior Basketball League) as the player of the week. Can every one support my daughter to be the winner for this week by achieving the highest number of votes. To vote her please go to The first girl on the left is my daughter Aseka Ratnayake. To vote for her go to the bottom of the photos and click Girls got game week 9. This will take you to the voting page. Thanks for every one for your support for my daughter to achieve her dream of representing Australia in Basketball. This will definitely boost her morale to be a better player.
  14. Welcome to Dinarvets. You are in the right forum. just follow the news in here and you will never go wrong. As this is a highly speculative investment buy only what you can afford to loose. Good luck
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