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  1. Thanks for the thread Adam...appreciate the hard work and being a member here, I simply never look at any other sites but this one...that's for sure, no :bump: :bump: Just waiting on some funding as well from accounts receivable so's I can join OSI too!!!
  2. Thanks Buti...things appear to be getting REALLY interesting...what a ride...jeez... :soon: :soon:
  3. .0009 is $900 bucks a million IQD, 1185 is $843/million IQD...unless my math is wrong...I would go with removing 3 leading zeros for
  4. I will get excited if they decide to call in the 100 Dinar note too, why? you may ask...because just perhaps they are getting ready to release the small denominations and plan on issuing 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 (new) and 100 (new) that all match in security features and perhaps artwork of the bill too...kind of mirroring what the US has in be on par, etc in value to begin with (.86 to 1.16 or whatever)...just a idea really other than it is an interesting development...
  5. Sandfly Adam...thanks and looking forward to that drive by...
  6. Agree with you Buti, the amount of interesting Financial (both good and bad) look like a smoke screen for the real economic reforms most likely being discussed and finalized behind the scenes. much has bee said but more important is what they are actually doing in light of the information presented in the news...thanks to you and Yota for the posts...very interesting and and :soon:
  7. I think the RV will be timed to occur at close of business on a Thursday...then information will be way they telegraph the RV it will just happen, even if they have to educate the people on the fly...besides, most will understand what happened within 5 seconds of it occurring and have not problem adjusting...jmo tho...otherwise an interesting take Trimark...
  8. Smoke and mirrors, like a lot of news articles out of Iraq, I think SD's take is a good one, and that is to consider the source, imo
  9. Thanks Ron for the post, interesting to have Adam look at this one...perhaps they are the LD's...
  10. I certainly hope we are done, the activities in Iraq and all the articles coming out speak to something is up, smoke and mirrors and deflections have always been what I felt would happen just before the RV occurs, like not gonna happen then boom there it is :soon: :soon:
  11. Holy Shiite batman...could we be "close" ... I certainly hope so, I am so ready to get of the Dinar Roller Coaster :soon: :soon:
  12. Too funny...DT has his moments it appears...fortunately the rules on this site will spare us from any "Clown Porn" ... that would be disturbing...
  13. Hopefully they buried the Pod for the post Luigi, good "non-poo-roo" info...liking the encouraging news cycle of late on Iraq... :bump: :bump:
  14. I am beginning to think the 4 Blood Moons theory may not be off base with the way things a lining up around the world these days, it is insane...
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